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How to Prove a Back Injury at Work

Back pain results in over 264 million days of lost work every year in American workplaces. This is compounded by an aging workforce that increases the cost of medical care each year because they are increasingly susceptible to the impact of job injuries. Victims of debilitating back conditions as a consequence of their work duties […]

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What Type of Back Injury Do I Have?

As one of the most common health problems, back pain affects individuals at least once throughout their lives. Determining the root cause of one’s back issues is critical to receiving appropriate care to resolve and prevent long-term complications that may result. While the lower lumbar region is often most affected, back strain and sprains, sciatica […]

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Disability Resource Center

New York Disability Resource Center - Workers Comp - Auto Accidents

Whether you or your loved ones are suffering from short-term or long term disability in New York, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of resources to assist you to navigate different programs and get the help you deserve. The organizations listed below rise to the challenge of uniquely addressing the […]

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Top 10 Questions to Ask a Doctor After a Car Accident

Automobile accidents are traumatizing events that can cause minor and major injuries after a violent impact. Find yourself an experienced New York car accident doctor that you can trust to provide expert care for your injuries. This will ensure you receive an appropriate scope of care for your health situation. For many auto crash victims, […]

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