The Most Common Desk Job Injuries and How You Can Avoid Them

office work

Workplace injuries happen every 7 seconds. Just because you do office work doesn’t mean you’re safe from injuries. Your risks may not be as high as someone who works in the field or warehouse, but you’re still at risk for some of the most common workplace injuries. Overexertion, including repetitive motions that are common in […]

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10 Tips on How to Relieve Chronic Back Pain at Work


Are you part of the 80% of adults who have lower back pain at some point? Back pain is one of the biggest causes of missed workdays, workers’ compensation claims, and it’s a very common job-related issue that adults experience. Figuring out how to relieve back pain can be challenging. Back pain can happen due […]

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How To Walk With Sciatica Pain

Sciatica Pain How To Walk

You may have been able to walk without pain for your entire life, but sciatica can change that. If your conditions are severe, it can be hard to walk down the sidewalk without pain shooting down your leg.  This can be very limiting and frustrating, but here’s the good news: there are steps you can […]

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Why Is My Sciatica Worse When I Lie Down?

Sciatica Pain Gets Worse When Lying Down

When you lie down at night, the last thing you need is a sciatica flare-up. And waking up with severe pain is a terrible way to start your day. Why doesn’t lying down give your nerves a rest? Unfortunately, your bed may be one of the strongest triggers for the nerve pain that you encounter. […]

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