5 Signs of Pinched Nerve Injury From a Car Accident

signs of pinched nerve

A pinched nerve sounds like no big deal. After all, a pinch is a small thing compared to a tear, a break or a rupture. Yet, a pinched nerve can be very serious and extremely painful. Basically, a pinched nerve happens when there is too much pressure to a nerve from the surrounding bones, muscles, tissues […]

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10 Tips on How to Relieve Chronic Back Pain at Work


Are you part of the 80% of adults who have lower back pain at some point? Back pain is one of the biggest causes of missed workdays, workers’ compensation claims, and it’s a very common job-related issue that adults experience. Figuring out how to relieve back pain can be challenging. Back pain can happen due […]

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Can a Neck Injury Cause Lower Back Pain? Auto Accident Doctor

lower back pain after car accident

Over 2 million people in the US are injured each year due to car accidents. Maybe the person behind you wasn’t watching and didn’t see you stopped at a light. Perhaps someone ran a stop sign when it wasn’t their turn. It could even be that a drunk driver hit your car on the way […]

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Can a Neck Injury Cause Chest Pain?

Can neck injury cause chest pain

Injuries to the head and neck account for a disproportionate amount of emergency department cases. In fact, these injuries account for about 4.1% of these cases. That percentage might sound low, but the numbers are high. Out of131 million emergency department visits, over 5 million of them involved head and neck injuries. These injuries can quickly […]

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