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Long Island No-Fault Neurologists: How Do They Treat Auto Injuries

Long Island No-Fault Neurologist

In New York, there is one car accident every two minutes. These car crashes can lead to serious injuries, many of which involve your brain or your spine. Injuries that affect the neurological system can lead to outcomes like paralysis and even death. Keep reading to learn about Long Island as well as what a […]

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Queens No-Fault Neurologist: When To See One After An Accident

Queens Neurologist After A Car Accident

You are on your way to work in NYC and then BAM, someone rear-ends your car. Although you don’t seem to be physically hurt, you feel some discomfort. After a car accident, it is important to look out for even the most simple of symptoms. Feeling pain in your head, spine, or even tingling nerves […]

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Bronx No-Fault Neurologist: Healing After A Car Accident

Neurologist in The Bronx Who Takes No-fault

The Bronx has always been an exciting place, full of creativity and innovation. The Bronx is most famous as the birthplace of hip hop, invented as a fusion of the musical influence of the local Jamaican community and classic American styles. It is less well known that salsa was also created in the Bronx, drawing its […]

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Neurologist: Why You Should See One After A Car Accident in Brooklyn, NY

brooklyn auto accident neurologist

More than 2.2 billion Americans hold driving licenses and drive on a regular basis. Along with this, there are more than 1.9 billion cars registered across America. While driving provides an important means of transport, this also means your chances of being in a car accident are higher than ever. If this happens, you could suffer a serious injury. […]

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