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NJ Workers’ Comp Doctors: How Can They Help You After An Injury At Work

Workers Comp Doctors NJ

Have you had an injury at work? Has your spouse been injured while on the job? Work injuries come in a variety of forms. It’s important you understand what is workers’ compensation if you suspect you or someone you love has experienced a work-related injury. Most importantly, you need to seek medical treatment for an […]

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Are Work-Related Anxiety Injuries Compensable?

work-related anxiety

In Americans, 3.5% of adults have experienced PTSD in the past year. This translates to around 8 million people. Work is stressful, sure. But when work begins to negatively impact your mental health because of an unsafe or overly demanding environment? That’s nothing to joke about. Work-related anxiety, or a stress disorder, may be the result […]

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What To Expect When You Are Involved In A Workers’ Compensation Case

what to expect from a workers comp case

When you’re involved in a workers’ compensation case, do you know precisely what you should expect to happen? You know for sure that this is necessary for you to file for your claim. But, what goes on in the process? What are your obligations to ensure it goes smoothly? What should you do and shouldn’t […]

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What You Should Do When You Get Serious Physical Injury At Work

Serious Workers' Comp injuries

Workplace accidents are a common occurrence, especially if you are working with the likes of machines. Every company is expected to practice precautionary measures, such as having protective equipment. It is also a requirement for every employee to go through some form of training before embarking on their tasks. However, despite all these measures, workers […]

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