Central Bronx, Zip Code10453

Have you or your loved one been involved in an accident?

Thousands of injuries happen in the Bronx due to accidents every year. Whether you’ve been a victim of a car crash, injury on the job, or a slip and fall accident it’s always best to seek the advice from a medical professional right after the accident.

Some of the common injuries resulting from these types of accidents include whiplash, headaches, vertigo, sprains, herniated and bulging discs in the spine. More severe trauma cases may result in internal injuries, broken bones, spinal cord injury, and loss of limbs.

The sooner you get to see your doctor, the better. Some seemingly minor injuries can sometimes turn into significant medical problems later on if not diagnosed and treated quickly by a medical specialist. Seeking immediate medical care will not only help you recover faster but will also help you document any injuries sustained in the car crash, slip and fall or work-related accident if an insurance company tries to deny your claim later.

If you live or work in Central Bronx, near Zip Code10453, Click here to search New York’s top board-certified doctors that specialize in diagnosis and treatment of accident-related injuries. These medical professionals know and understand the need for a proper medical treatment plan and documentation. Most insurance plans are accepted, including no-fault (auto) and workers’ compensation insurance.