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New York No-Fault Doctors: When To See One After An Auto Accident


New York is one of twelve American states that has introduced no-fault insurance laws. This means that insured motorists can generally claim for an accident regardless of who was at fault.

While this sounds simple, it brings with it a set of rules and regulations that are not always easy to follow. For this reason, relevant professionals (like doctors) may refuse to deal with no-fault insurance.

To find out whether your auto accident will be covered under the no-fault laws, you may need independent guidance. Read on as we look at everything to do with New York no-fault insurance, as well as, finding the best doctors in New York who accept no-fault insurance.

Common Auto-Related Injuries in New York

New York is a busy city with plenty of action on the roads. Naturally, therefore, accidents happen.

Because the public highways are shared by many different types of road users, accidents are not always between two cars. There are many incidents involving pedestrians and cyclists.

In terms of specific injuries, different types are typical of different accidents.

A common issue that arises from all types of car accidents is whiplash. Whiplash is defined as a strain that arises when the neck is suddenly jerked forwards, backward, or sideways. It is commonly associated with car accidents.

A car accident need not be severe in order for whiplash to be brought about. Therefore, even incidents that occur at slower speeds can cause it. This is especially important in the context of cities like New York, as accidents commonly happen while road users stop at traffic lights or change direction.

While whiplash can be easily brought about, its effects can be relatively severe. Many sufferers may have symptoms for years.

More significant injuries are typical of crashes at higher speeds (on a freeway, for example).

Broken bones, burns to the skin, damage to organs, and bodily/facial disfigurement are all common in serious car accidents.

The type and extent of injury you suffer will be relevant to your no-fault insurance claim. We’ll explore this further below.

No-Fault Insurance: What Is it?

As stated above, no-fault insurance means that injured parties receive a payout after a motor accident regardless of who was at fault.

Twelve states have these laws. The specific provisions vary from state to state.

To benefit from NY no-fault insurance, you must be a motor vehicle occupant, a cyclist, or a pedestrian. It is important to note that motorcyclists are not covered by these laws.

No-Fault Doctors

As mentioned above, no-fault insurance does not cover everything. Many doctors are unwilling to accept no-fault insurance. This is due to complications around the filing of claims.

This can make it difficult to find a good no-fault doctor, whether in New York or elsewhere.

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However, they do offer many advantages. New York no-fault doctors are well-versed in the filing of auto-insurance claims, which means that sorting out the financial end of your accident will be someone else’s job. When you’re trying to get through the physical implications of an accident, you don’t need the stress of insurance issues as well.

There are certain limits to what no-fault insurance will cover in New York.

For instance, pain and suffering generally aren’t covered under no-fault insurance. That means that if you develop anxiety or PTSD in the aftermath of a serious crash, it is likely that your no-fault insurance will not cover a psychiatrist.

Bodily injuries are the main issue that no-fault insurance operates to address. This means that the doctors that usually accept no-fault insurance are chiropractors, orthopedists, physical therapists, and so on.

Another issue that no-fault insurance commonly addresses is the loss of work.

This means that the money you might lose during a period of unemployment due to a motor accident might be repayable. As well as this, the help you require from physiotherapists and other rehabilitation specialists to facilitate your return to work may be refundable.

How Can a No-Fault Doctor Help Me After an Accident?

The way in which a doctor will help you after an auto accident will naturally depend on the accident itself. The nature and severity of the incident are likely to dictate the required approach to treatment.

Firstly, the nature of your injury will be relevant. With injuries like whiplash, outlined above, a chiropractor will be the first professional you call upon.

A chiropractor will engage in physical therapies and treatments with you to ease the pain and limitations of your whiplash. They will also discuss a sensible approach to the condition that you can apply in your everyday life.

For broken or damaged bones, you will be working with an orthopedist. These are the specialists that oversee interventions like casts and slings, getting your damaged bones back to normal.

Like chiropractors, orthopedists will work with you to come up with long-term strategies that you can apply yourself.

It is important to note that a no-fault doctor is there to assist you with more than just your medical issues. No-fault doctors are well acquainted with the insurance system in which they operate, which can be a difficult one. A good no-fault doctor in New York will be available to help their patients figure out the insurance implications of their accident.

New York No-Fault Doctors: Get Yours Today

By now, you should hopefully have a clearer understanding of New York’s no-fault doctors and insurance claims.

Nobody wants to get in an accident. However, when you’re left with the aftermath of an incident on the road, it’s comforting to know that there is professional help available.

If you’ve suffered an injury on the road, don’t waste time addressing the problem.

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