List of INTERNAL MEDICINE Workers’ Compensation Doctors

Injured at work? Find NYS WCB Authorized Physicians specializing in INTERNAL MEDICINE that treat work-related accidents and illness.

Internal Medicine is a field of medical practice that focuses on preventing, diagnosing, and treating disease in adults.

The difference in Internal medicine and general or family medicine is that internal medicine focuses on adults, whereas the general and family treat all ages.  The medical doctor that specializes in Internal medicine is known as an internist or internal medicine physician.

Some common conditions an internist treats are diabetes, high cholesterol, allergies, high blood pressure, and minor infections to name a few.  Some common tests ordered by an internist are blood work, imaging, echocardiogram (checks heart function), and stress tests (checks heart function during exercise), to name a few. Typically internists work in private practice, hospitals, and clinics.

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