List of PLASTIC SURGERY Workers’ Compensation Doctors

Injured at work? Find NYS WCB Authorized Physicians specializing in PLASTIC SURGERY that treat work-related accidents and illness.

Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty that focuses on reconstruction, restoration, or alteration of the body.  The medical doctor that specializes in plastic surgery is known as a plastic surgeon. The field of plastic surgery was born out of necessity with injuries related to war.

Some common conditions treated by a plastic surgeon are skin grafts, facelifts, wound closure, skin flaps(remove the skin from one area to use in another area), and rhinoplasty(nose job), to name a few.  Some common complications of plastic surgery are nerve damage, infections, and scarring.  Plastic surgery has resulted in psychological disorders for individuals.

Some individuals become obsessed with getting plastic surgery to change their appearance in order to correct a perceived flaw. Most plastic surgeons work at a private practice or are employed by a hospital.

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