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Use our smart search tool to find the right doctor for all of your injury-related physical rehabilitation needs. We list the top physicians and medical clinics in the New York area that provide the highest level of medical care you deserve and have vast experience treating injuries sustained as a result of an accident. Specialized medical services include Orthopedics, including Minimally Invasive Surgery,  NeurologyPain Management, Chiropractic, Physical Medicine, and Rehabilitation (PM&R), Psychology, Physical Therapy, and more. All physicians listed on Injured Call Today have years of post-accident-care experience and are Authorized by the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB Authorized Providers). Whether you suffered a soft-tissue injury in a car accident, a fracture during a  slip and fall accident, or work-related repetitive stress injury, you can trust the medical care you will receive.

  • Experience: Specialists with extensive experience in treating injuries sustained in an accident offer a range of treatment options from conservative approaches, to minimally invasive procedures, to traditional surgical intervention. 
  • Teamwork: Physicians from different medical disciplines work as one, multi-specialty team to make sure you get you received the best possible care and advise. 
  • Precision: All medical care and treatment options are supported by the latest diagnostic testing such as EMGs, NCVs, MRIs, and results meticulously documented in your medical record. 
  • Focus: Focused on your recovery, physicians will provide with a unique treatment plan, taking into consideration your medical history and your injuries.
  • Efficiency: Patient support teams will work with you and your insurance carrier to make sure that your treatment is covered. Most insurance plans are accepted, including Liens (personal injury), Workers’ Compensation (on-the-job accidents), and No-Fault insurance (auto accidents).  
  • Convenience:  Patient pick-up & drop-off may be available, Se Habla Espanol! 


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