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Whether you’ve been hurt as a result of a car wreck or a construction accident and need to find a workers’ compensation doctor or a NYS licensed no-fault doctor, you’ve come to the right place. We only list the top, WCB Authorized & Board-Certified physicians and accident medical clinics in the New York area that provide the highest level of healthcare you deserve. These highly-rated medical providers have vast experience treating pain and injuries from work-related and auto accidents.

Specialized medical services include:

All physicians listed on Injured Call Today have had years of post-accident medical care experience and are Authorized by the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board.

Whether you suffered a soft-tissue injury after a car accident, a herniated disc in the lower back during a slip-and-fall accident, a workers’ comp repetitive stress injury, like carpal tunnel syndrome, or a fractured bone during a construction accident at work, you can trust the advice and medical care you will receive from the top-rated physicians listed on Injured Call Today.

  • Experience: Specialists with extensive experience with accident-related injuries offer a wide range of medical treatment options from conservative approaches to minimally invasive procedures, to traditional surgical intervention. 
  • Teamwork: Top physicians from different medical disciplines work as one, multi-specialty team to make sure you get you received the best possible medical care and advice. 
  • Precision: All medical care and treatment options are supported by the latest, cutting-edge diagnostic testing such as EMGs, NCVs, MRIs, and results meticulously documented in your medical records. 
  • Focus: Focused on your overall recovery, our pain and injury doctors will provide with a unique treatment plan, taking into consideration your medical history and your injuries.
  • Efficiency: Patient support teams will work with you and your insurance carriers to make sure that your treatment is covered. Most insurance plans are accepted, including Liens (for personal injury cases), Workers’ Compensation Insurance (for all on-the-job accidents), and No-Fault insurance (for auto accidents).  
  • Convenience:  Patient pick-up & drop-off may be available, Se Habla Espanol! 


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