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New York Car Accident Injury Doctor & Accident Clinics

wrecked cars in new york where the drivers sustained injuries in the auto accident

What to Do After Sustaining an Injury in an Auto Accident

Most people who get behind the wheel of a car don’t think they are going to be involved in an auto accident. However, vehicle collisions happen every day, and many of these accidents can be very serious and result in serious injuries. No one ever wants to be involved in a car accident, but it is important to know how to respond if you or someone else involved has been injured.

Due to the nature of auto accident injuries, the trauma the body sustains from these injuries can last much longer than the initial impact of the accident. Many people who have been seriously hurt in an auto accident end up dealing with the injuries and repercussions for a long time. The good news is, in the state of New York, there are laws that can help you get no-fault insurance coverage for your auto accident injuries and plenty of New York no-fault doctors that can help get you on the road to recovery if you take the appropriate steps following the incident.

The Most Common Types of Car Accident Injuries

A car collision can be a very serious matter and depending on the type of accident, the vehicles involved and the severity of that collision, there are a number of different types of injuries that can occur. These are some of the most common types of injuries that happen in car accidents.


Fires often happen with a serious car collision, making burns some of the most common types of injuries sustained in these accidents. While most people don’t necessarily categorize burns as common car accident injuries, they do happen and can be very serious or even fatal.

Broken Bones

The impact of a car collision can cause broken bones virtually anywhere in the body. Depending on the type of fracture, the bone that was injured and the severity of the injury, a cast or even surgery may be required for proper recovery.

Head Injuries

Brain and head injuries are some of the most frightening types of auto collision injuries. This can include a concussion or other, more traumatic brain injuries including lacerations or internal bleeding.

Soft Tissue Injuries

When a car accident is about to occur, it is only human nature to tense up and prepare for impact. This is one of the many reasons why soft tissue injuries are so common following collisions. This includes whiplash, torn, sprained or strained muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Spinal Injuries (Neck & Back)

These are perhaps the most common injuries sustained from auto accidents. Typically, this includes bulging and herniated discs or even damage to the spinal cord. However, the most common is whiplash. This can impact the neck or back, and it may not result in pain until days after the accident.

Emotional Injuries

Visiting Your Doctor Right Away

If you are fortunate enough to make it through a car accident without having to go to the hospital, you still need to make sure you schedule an appointment with a no-fault doctor. Just because your injuries weren’t serious enough to necessitate an ambulance ride to the hospital, it doesn’t mean that you haven’t been injured.

In fact, many auto accident injuries such as whiplash injuries don’t even present symptoms right away, meaning it can be hours, days or even weeks before you truly realize the extent of your injury. Either way, in the state of New York you need to see your car accident doctor within 30 days of your accident if you want to make sure that you qualify for certain insurance benefits. This is also a smart way to make sure you are getting the medical care you need to heal and recover from your injuries.