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Dog Attacks By Breed: What Breed of Dog Has The Most Attacks?

Dog Attacks By Breed

Every year approximately 4.5 million find themselves bitten by a dog, whether it is their own pet or someone else’s. Dogs are humans best friends, but there are times when our own best friends may become aggressive and attack us without warning.

In this article, we are going to take an in-depth look at what dog bites the most and what causes them to viscously attack people. If you’re looking for statistics on dog bites and attacks, then you’ve come to the right place.

Continue reading for all of the information that you need when it comes to figuring out which dog breeds are more likely to bite or attack you.

Why Do Dogs Attack and Bite People?

Sometimes there are various reasons that a dog lashes out and bites a person, and other times there is no noticeable reason for the attack whatsoever. Some studies show that there is always a reason that dogs attack people.

Trying To Defend Themselves

In the majority of cases, dogs become aggressive because they are simply trying to defend themselves from something that has provoked them. They may begin to growl and show their teeth as a warning sign to the provoker to leave them alone and to get away from them.

If the thing that is provoking the dog doesn’t leave them alone or the dog feels that they can’t get away is usually when they decide to attack.


Much like with person to person contact, there are times when the communication between an owner and their dog may become misconstrued. Dogs and people don’t speak the same language, so at times when you say something to your dog that may sound calm, they may interpret it as a threat.

When the dog begins to feel as if they’re being threatened, they will once again begin to defend themselves against the threat.


When you have a dog, it is important to understand how they will behave in different situations. If your dog doesn’t interact well in large crowds or with other dogs, then it may not be the best idea to put them in situations where they may feel overwhelmed.

Much like people, when an animal begins to feel anxious and stressed in a situation, it can force them to become agitated. Agitation with anxiousness can make it more likely for your dog to impulsively react, biting or attacking someone.

It is essential to evaluate your dog’s demeanor and mood prior to approaching them. In some instances, it is better to place your dog in a crate where they aren’t able to harm you or anyone else.


Since dogs aren’t able to verbally communicate with us that they are in pain, they do so by barking and biting. If you realize that your dog becomes aggressive or tries to bite you when you touch them in a certain area or they are aggressive for no reason, it may be due to illness or an injury.

If your pet is suddenly being aggressive, it may be worth a visit to the vet to ensure that they aren’t suffering from an injury or illness that is causing them discomfort.


Your dog may show signs of aggression and lash out if they are possessive over you, a toy, food, or any other object. When someone comes close to the object, and the dog feels that the object may be taken from them, they may suddenly become aggressive and attack.

There are various training tactics that can be used to help improve the aggressive behavior of your dog.

What Dog Bites The Most?


Statistically, Pitbull attack people more than any other dog in the world. This breed of dog has the highest number of confirmed attacks on humans at 3,397 attacks. Pitbull’s are known for their muscular stature and their history of being bred as fighting dogs.

Pitbull’s are a mix of a terrier and a bulldog that explains their short stature. They are also a breed that requires lots of exercise on a regular basis. Over the span of a 13-year period, there have been 248 people that lost their lives due to the attack and injuries they sustained from a Pitbull.

Pitbull’s aren’t necessarily an aggressive breed of dog. However, they have a shorter patience fuse when it comes to being able to tolerate things that irritate them. This means that without warning when they’ve become agitated, they can snap at whatever is agitating them.


The next breed that is known for attacking and injuring people is the Rottweiler, with 535 confirmed attacks. It also has a recorded 45 deaths as a result of its attack that have been confirmed.

This breed of dog is known for its protective nature and is extremely loyal to the people that own them. Before they became household pets, the Rottweiler was known for protecting cattle and other animals that you may find on a farm.

The reason these animals are feared is that their protectiveness and loyalty can come in the form of aggression. When they feel that the object of their loyalty is being threatened or is in danger, they may become violent, attacking whatever is threatening the object.

The bite force by this breed is 328 pounds of forceful pressure.

German Shepherd

Germans Shepherds have recorded 113 attacks that have been confirmed towards people. It may be assumed the German Shepherds bite people frequently because of the way that they’re portrayed on television as well as their role in the police force.

In their job field, they have to be aggressive in order to protect themselves and their owners from being harmed by criminals. Following behind the Rottweiler, the German Shepherd has a bite force of 238 pounds of pressure.

These breed does have aggressive tendencies but tends to not lash out unless they have been provoked and feel threatened.

Other Breeds

There are some other breeds that have been known to bite and attack humans, but they aren’t as notorious as the top 3 listed above that made the list. Other dogs that have been known to attack people include:

  • Bullmastiff with 111 attacks
  • Wolf Hybrid with 85 attacks
  • Husky with 83 attacks
  • Akita with 70 attacks
  • Boxer with 64 attacks
  • Chow with 61 attacks
  • Labrador with 56 attacks

It is essential to understand the way that your dog behaves before bringing it into your home. It is also beneficial to understand how the dynamics of your family, including the environment and your children, will affect your dog.

An environment that is constantly chaotic may prove to be stressful for a dog making them more likely to lash out and attack people that are around them.

How To Avoid Being Attacked

There are some things that can be done beforehand to keep yourself and others from being attacked and bitten by a dog that is showing signs of aggression. Implementing the tips that we are about to give you can be the difference between being attacked and not being attacked.

If you’re walking your dog and the dog suddenly begins to show signs of agitation, the first thing that you need to do is put a significant amount of distance between yourself and the dog. This will keep you from being in the line of fire in case the dog suddenly decides to bite you or someone else.

Refrain from using leashes that are excessively long because it means there is less control over the animal. Shorter leases allow the owner to maintain more control in the event that the animal becomes aggressive.

Don’t Touch Dogs Without Permission

Before you or anyone else touches someone else’s dog, it is advised that you ask the owner’s permission verse, and vice versa. This should be done because some owners understand that their pet isn’t friendly to other people and other dogs.

If you notice that an owner has posted warning signs around their homes, it may allude to the fact that the animal could attack people that it is not used to interacting with. Asking permission is the same when you see someone with a service dog.

Typically, service dogs will have signs on them that make it clear not to pet them while they are working because you may distract them from alerting their owner of a possible health issue. But, if you ask the owner, there are times when they will allow you to pet the animal.

Be Gentle

On some occasions, you may not understand that you’re exhibiting threatening behavior towards a dog until it is too late to stop the attack. It is recommended that you don’t stare a dog in the eye because it can be taken as a challenge or an act of aggression on your part.

Also, speaking to your dog in a calmer tone helps to present your requests in a manner that may not be interpreted as a reason for your dog to defend itself.

Carry Safety Gear

Sometimes the only thing that can keep you from being attacked is having a walking cane or pepper spray that will deter the dog from attacking you. It is essential that you know what the laws are in your state for defending yourself against an attack.

In the event that a dog is advancing towards you about to attack, the weapon can be used to deter them or fend them off so that you’re able to get away.

Know The Signs

It is important that you know and understand the signs that a dog may give, letting you know that they may attack. Signs that may allude to you being bitten or attacked may include:

  • Bearing their teeth
  • Licking their lips
  • Growling at you
  • Raised fur
  • Stiff or rigid body positioning

There are also some signs that people mistake as being a friendly dog, and in all actuality, it is a sign that an attack may be next. Dogs that become anxious around other people and dogs may exhibit shy behavior or wag their tails.

If your dog doesn’t normally act this way, then you may want to exercise caution around the dog until their behavior has returned to normal. Not exercising caution could mean that you or someone else gets bitten or attacked.

What To Do If You're Attacked By A Dog

When a dog attacks you, the first thing that you should do is protect yourself. If you’re carrying a weapon of some type or there is a stick nearby, it is important that you do everything that you can to protect yourself. For example, if you’re wearing a jacket and a dog lunges for the sleeve, do your best to remove your arm from the sleeve and allow the dog to bite the sleeve as a distraction.

As the dog is attacking the sleeve, it gives you a moment that can be used to get away from the attack. Whenever you’re attacked, always remember to do what you can to protect your face, throat, and chest.

An injury to one of these three areas can prove to be life-threatening. The best place to allow a bite if you’ve got nothing to fend the dog off with or have no choice to be bitten you should offer your forearm or shin.

Sustaining bites to other areas of the body can cause excessive bleeding that can cost you your life. Do not pull away from a dog that has bitten you because it can cause tears to the skin, and the dog may latch on to another part of the body.

Afterward, find a doctor immediately that can treat the injuries you’ve sustained. The doctor may insist that you go through various forms of physical therapy and rehabilitation as you heal from your injuries.


When it comes to what dog bites the most, there can be many reasons why Pitbull’s or German Shepherds are wired to be protective, and that protective gene can be dangerous for others that they view as threats. There are ways that dog attacks can be prevented.

It is important that you know the signs of a dog that is about to attack and ways to protect yourself and others that are around you.