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Why You May Need to See a Neurologist After a Car Accident

A neurologist is a special type of doctor that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of brain and nervous system disorders.

These medical professionals are commonly sought out for a number of serious diseases and conditions, but they are also one of the most sought-after specialists for those who have been injured in an automobile accident or a workers’ compensation accident in New York. In fact, vehicular accidents are the leading causes of traumatic brain injuries among adults between the age of 15 to 64.

While most people often associate neurologists as only being “brain doctors” neurology is actually much more complex than that. These doctors deal with the entire nervous system, which can sustain damage following an auto accident—especially a whiplash injury.

Many times, automobile accident injuries can have a neurological impact—even if it doesn’t seem like one initially. This is why it is so important that anyone who has been injured in a serious accident sees a doctor right away as they may be able to determine whether or not it is the right time to see a neurologist. There are also signs and symptoms that you can look for following an accident that will let you know it is time for you to make an appointment with a New York neurologist.

Types of Accident-Related Neurological Injuries

When most people think of being injured in a car accident, they think of bruises, broken bones or whiplash injuries. There are two main systems in the nervous system—your central nervous system which is made up of the brain and the spinal cord and the peripheral nervous system. This is the system responsible for linking the brain and spinal cord to every other area in the body.

Both of these systems can sustain injuries following an auto accident. When the brain or the spinal cord has been injured it can impact the entire central nervous system. When the nerves have been a problem it can cause weakness, pain or numbness in the extremities or balance issues.

How to Know When It is Time to See A Neurologist

When you have been injured in an accident, you need to really pay close attention to your body and to the symptoms that you are experiencing in the days and weeks following this type of incident. Even if you have been treated by a physician and believe you are home recovering, you need to be on the lookout for these issues.

Neurological symptoms don’t always present themselves right away. They can slowly develop over time. These are the most common symptoms of a neurological issue and ones that can be associated with the trauma of an accident:

  • Migraines
  • Dizziness
  • Neck stiffness
  • Confusion
  • Trouble balancing
  • Headaches
  • Weakness in the extremities
  • Numbness or tingling in the extremities

These symptoms can be rather mild or quite severe, and they often grow worse. If you are experiencing these symptoms following a car accident, then you need to make an appointment with a neurologist right away. Fortunately, with so many neurologists in New York, it can be easy to find a doctor who will not only treat your symptoms but who can specialize in personal injury cases.

If your injuries were sustained due to an accident on the job make sure to see a neurologist that is rated by the NY WCB (Worker’s Compensation Board).

It is vital that you take note of any neurological symptoms you may be experiencing and take the time to see a professional right away for care.

Meeting with a New York area neurologist can be just what you need to not only recover from your car accident injuries but to make sure that no more serious damage to your nervous system.

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