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11 Important Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident

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Slip and fall accidents result in serious injuries, but they are one of the most challenging cases to win. Most of the time, these cases are usually a result of negligence or carelessness on behalf of the property owner. To prove your case and secure just compensation, you will need to show that the slip and fall accident was someone else’s fault and that the hazard or obstacle shouldn’t have been there. Those responsible for the accident should be held accountable for the injuries that their negligence caused you.

The steps you take after the fall can significantly impact getting a fair recovery and obtaining a favorable settlement. If possible, these are the steps you should take after the accident.

1. Contact an Attorney

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Whether you have suffered minor or severe injuries from the fall, you should contact a slip and fall lawyer immediately. The window for filing a slip and fall claim is a brief one, so the faster you act on it, the better. The lawyer can guide you early enough on the steps to take to check all the boxes of your claim.

Since a slip and fall case is never an easy one to win, you shouldn’t gamble with your case by settling on just any fall injury attorney. You need to engage a lawyer or law firm with years of experience in this field and a track record of winning claim cases for their clients like Adam S. Kutner Accident & Injury Attorneys.

2. Gather Evidence

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Take photos of the accident scene to capture what caused your slip and fall, whether it was spilled liquids, obstructions, loose carpet, or cracked floor before they can be fixed. Note if there were any notices put up to alert people about the hazard that made you fall. Be sure to document your injuries if they are visible and if you are able to do so. Request access to the property’s surveillance tapes, as this evidence is critical in supporting your fall claim.

3. Identify Witnesses

Witnesses can be crucial in supporting your story regarding how the accident happened. If you are badly injured and not in a position to take photos and videos of the accident scene, ask a willing witness to take them, then send them to you. Note down the contact information and names of witnesses that would be willing to testify on your behalf. You can even request the witnesses to give a brief explanation of how they saw the fall happen and what caused it.

4. Seek Medical Attention

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Your first priority after a fall accident should be seeking medical attention. A doctor can assess the extent of your injuries and administer appropriate care and treatment to help you recover. Be honest and open with your doctor so the extent of the harm suffered can be diagnosed accurately. You should take your medication and follow all your doctor’s recommendations to the letter.

Obtain receipts and documentation for your diagnosis, treatment, and prescription, which will be useful evidence when seeking compensation as this links your injuries to the fall.

5. Report the Incident

slip and fall accident at construction site in new york

As soon as you are able to compose yourself after the fall, report the incident to the property owner or manager. If the fall happened on public property, report this to the city. They should provide a way that you can make a written fall incident report. Remember to request a copy of the incident report for proof that the accident happened.

6. Take Notes

Write down everything about the accident. You might not remember all the details later on, which can hurt your claim should you contradict yourself at some point or sound uncertain. Note your injuries, symptoms, your treatment, and anything else you have experienced from the day of the fall to date. Update them as you remember and continue with the treatment, all through to the compensation process.

7. Don’t Rush to Sign Any Documents

document signing after slip and fall injury

Don’t rush into signing any official documents without having your lawyer review them, whether they’re medical release forms or a quick settlement release form from an attorney. By being quick to sign, you just might give up some crucial rights that are critical to your compensation case.

8. Avoid Giving a Recorded Statement Without Your Lawyer

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The insurance adjuster representing the negligent party might try to make you record a written statement about the events leading to the slip and fall accident. Before doing this, consult your attorney for advice. There’s a good chance you might say things you didn’t mean, or have your words used against you to fit the insurance adjuster’s narrative to deny you compensation.

9. Stay Off Social Media

It is important that you avoid talking about your accident with any other person besides your lawyer till your claim is finalized. This includes not sharing any details about the fall on your social media platforms. Attorneys and insurance adjusters constantly scout social media sites to see if you share anything about the accident that contradicts your statement. They will also want to check if you are in a position to perform any of the daily activities that you claim not to be able to perform after the fall.

10. Don’t Accept or Assign Blame

After you slip and fall, refrain from accepting or assigning blame for the accident, whether verbally or in writing. Establishing fault requires an investigation and a thorough review by professionals.

11. Avoid Too Much Talk with the Property Owner

conversation with the property owner

Avoid talking too much with the owner or manager of the establishment where your accident took place. You might contradict yourself when detailing how the accident happened. If you plan on taking legal action, avoid giving yourself away, as they might act fast to counter your case. Avoid any form of gifts from the establishment as such can negatively hurt your case.


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The most important step after a slip and fall accident that you should never overlook besides seeking medical attention is hiring an experienced lawyer immediately.