How to Treat Back Pain After a Car Accident

Back pain treatment after a car accident

One of the most common injuries people sustain after being in an auto accident is chronic back pain. Unfortunately, many people that have been in minor car accidents don’t realize that they have hurt their back until days, weeks or even months later. Do not ignore any pain that you feel following an accident as […]

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What Causes Pain in My Neck After a Car Accident? Should I Be Concerned?

neck pain after an accident

There are many reasons why you may experience neck pain after an accident. Symptoms may range from mild to severe and may be temporary or permanent. You may have heard the term whiplash, but are unsure of what it means exactly, or what the symptoms are. Whiplash is a common neck injury following a car accident. […]

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Stiff Knee? Here’s What You Can Do About It Now

How to Treat a Stiff Knee today

Do you have a stiff knee? If so, then you’re really not alone, especially since almost 20 percent of Americans report that they experience things like knee pain in the morning on a daily basis. To tell you the truth, when your knees hurt after sitting, it can put a serious damper on your daily […]

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New York Car Accident Statistics: Which NYC Borough Is the Most Dangerous?

nyc car accident

Around 1.4 million New York City households own a car, and the total population sits at more than 8.6 million. Add to this the more than 178,000 people who visited every day in 2018 and you’ve got a recipe for high car accident rates. Many people wonder how true the rumors are about the frequency […]

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