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Physiatrist Near Me in NY, NJ, and CT

Physiatrist Near Me in NY NJ and CT

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How To Find Physiatrist After An Accident or Injury

If you need a reliable physiatrist after suffering from a workplace injury or car accident, call (800) 897-8440 or book an appointment online today.

Sustaining an injury after a car accident or workplace incident may cause you to search for a physiatrist in NYC. Physiatrists in Injured Call Today’s free online directory offer physical therapy services for patients using no-fault accident or workers’ compensation insurance in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Learn more about accident injury doctors and physiatrists from NYC to Atlantic City and how they can help you recover without invasive surgical procedures.

What Is a Physiatrist?

Physiatrists diagnose and treat chronic pain and medical conditions resulting from injuries acquired during car accidents, workplace injuries, or other incidents. These doctors focus on relieving pain and helping patients regain standard functionality with a customized treatment plan. Physiatrists build realistic treatment plans for physical therapists to ensure that patients don’t overtax themselves and reach as close as possible to their pre-injury lifestyle.

How Can a Physiatrist Help?

Physical medicine involves ensuring patients can safely complete their treatment plans. Patients need medical stability to perform the functions necessary for their physical therapies, and physiatrists continuously assess patient progress as they restore their health. With the direction of professional physiatrists, patients can enjoy a more comfortable and complete rehabilitation.

Physiatrists use diagnostic tools like nerve conduction studies or electromyography to properly assess nerve or muscular damage for proper treatment planning. The main goal of physiatrists is to use non-surgical treatments to bring patients back up to speed.

When Should You See a Physiatrist?

Suppose you suffer an injury that limits your bodily functions. A physiatrist can help you regain range of movement and mobility following an accident. Physiatrists offer treatment plans for various injuries, including:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Joint injuries
  • Bulging or herniated discs
  • Conditions causing chronic pain or inflammation

If you need to find the “best physiatrist near me” in NY, NJ, or CT, our team at Injured Call Today offers a comprehensive directory of physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors specializing in treatment for car accidents and workplace injuries.

Physiatrist After Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

Car accidents generate an incredible amount of force that can twist you, slam you into steering wheels, or otherwise cause physical damage to your body. Emergency and primary care physicians first want to ensure that you have no severe injuries like internal bleeding or broken bones. According to the CDC, Americans spend over one million days in the hospital annually due to injuries from car accidents.

After addressing immediate concerns, physicians may recommend patients to a no-fault physiatrists for additional support and recovery.

Whether you need a physiatrist in NYC or the Garden State, physical medicine and rehabilitation often address these common car accident injuries:


The force of a jerking car can cause strained muscles and inflammation in your neck. Physiatrists can help diagnose and treat whiplash injuries, helping you regain normal physical function and relieve neck and shoulder pain.

Neck and Shoulder Injuries

Although seatbelts save lives, they can also cause broken collarbones, strained shoulders, and torn ligaments around your upper back. After treating fractures or other severe injuries, a physiatrist guides you on what physical therapies can restore your upper body use.

Spinal injuries

Slipped or bulging discs, spinal cord damage, and other back injuries can cause pain to radiate throughout your entire body. A physiatrist knows how to identify spinal injuries and build successful treatment plans to relieve pain and recover from your accident.

Physiatrist for Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries often occur due to accidents or repetitive movements. Workers’ compensation physiatrists specializing in workplace injuries treatment know how to assess a patient’s current condition and track their progress as they regain normal functions. Common workplace injuries treated by physiatrists include:

Repetitive Use Injuries

Performing the same movements over time can wear down muscles and nerves, causing inflammation and irritation that can lead to painful health conditions. Everyday repetitive use injuries result from twisting movements, bending, and hand or wrist motions.

Falls, Trips, and Slips

In 2020, slips and falls accounted for over 18% of all workplace injuries in the U.S. The impact of hitting the ground or catching yourself can lead to muscle strains, bruising, or broken bones, causing muscle stiffness during healing.

Equipment Injuries

Equipment injuries can occur during mechanical failures, malfunctions, or because of improper training methods. In 2020, over 196,000 people suffered equipment injuries at work.

Regardless of the reason, physiatrists can help you regain normal physical functions after an equipment injury.

Schedule an Appointment with a Physiatrist Online

Finding a physiatrist online takes no effort with the online directory provided by Injured Call Today. Our team completes thorough research to ensure you find the best “physical medicine and rehabilitation near me” in NY, NJ, and CT.

Physiatrists must meet our requirements for inclusion in our directory, including:

  • Valid and active certifications and licenses
  • Acting as a witness for patients during court sessions
  • Accepting no-fault accident and workers’ compensation insurance
  • Providing accessible and speedy access to medical documentation
  • Maintaining a high star rating online

What to Expect During Your Physiatrist Visit

Before visiting a physiatrist for a workplace or auto accident injury, ensure you have copies of your insurance. Your initial physiatrist appointment will involve a medical exam, sometimes with tests to discover your nerve and muscle function. Once your physiatrist knows your current condition, they’ll provide you with treatment plans to present to your physical therapists as a guide for rehabilitation.

Find the Best Physiatrist Near Me in NY, NJ, and CT

Find the Best Physiatrist Near Me

Whether you need a physiatrist in NYC, Newark, or New Haven, you can find the best physiatrist near you for workplace or auto accident injuries with Injured Call Today’s online directory. Physiatrists on our website accept no-fault, PIP (personal injury protection), and workers’ compensation insurance and have experience treating patients with specific types of traumatic injuries. Call (800) 897-8440 to learn more about physiatrists in our free director or Find a Doctor Near You!

Have you recently received an injury due to a car accident or workplace incident? Learn more about the type of doctor to see after an accident.