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Workers’ Compensation Insurance

doctors who accepet workers comp insurance in new york

All of the doctors and medical facilities listed on this site accept Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

Workers Compensation Insurance For Medical Coverage

One factor we never consider when accepting a position with our employers is the risk of getting injured while on the job. Those of us who do end up with a hurt back or another type of injury at work, face losing income due to time spent off work healing. If the extent of the damage done to our bodies is severe enough, we may face a long road to recovery that requires additional benefits like those provided by New York’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

What is the NY Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

When an employee becomes hurt or sick because of their job, employers have a special insurance policy that covers things like medical bills and lost wages for that worker. Workers’ Compensation in New York is mandatory for most employers in the state, and this policy covers things like:

  • Pays a percentage of employee wages for the duration of the disability
  • Covers of all work-related injury medical costs it pays a percentage of earnings as long the disability lasts;
  • Permanent injury payments if still injured after the employee reaches maximum improvement levels

Once an employee files a compensation claim for their injuries received while on the job, weekly cash benefits and payment of all associated medical costs will be paid.

How to Qualify for Workers’ Compensation

Worker’s Compensation Insurance covers employees that had a work-related accident and now have injuries that need medical treatment and recovery time. This means that a landscaper may require the use of their company’s policy after hurting themselves on the equipment to do the job. Other injury types that New York’s Workers’ Compensation covers include:

As you can read, this list has a lot of different types of injuries an employee could experience on the job. Practicing workplace safety routines and reviewing protocols in accident-prone areas of your business is a key step in preventing costly injury claims in the future.

The First Step to Claim Your Medical Coverage Benefits

Workers’ Compensation Insurance requires you to take several necessary steps after a workplace injury before you can use the medical coverage benefit. You must do so to avoid any delays in your much-needed care.

  • Get medical attention as soon as possible. Make sure that the doctor you’re treating with is an NYS WCB (Workers Compensation Board) Authorized medical provider.  
  • Report your injury via a written form or report (incident report)
  • Fill out and submit all required paperwork that the Workers’ Compensation Board needs to review

NY Workers’ Compensation Offers Full Medical Coverage

Once you have followed the initial steps to begin your injury claim, you will have coverage for many different services, including:

  • Emergency care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • Transportation to and from related appointments
  • Follow-up visits to your injury doctor
  • Prescriptions
  • Medical specialists

All of this is available to you without costly deductibles or copays so that you can focus on getting better and put this challenging experience behind you. If you’re injured on the job, don’t wait and contact your worker’s comp doctor right away!


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