Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer? 9 Reasons When You Should

When should I hire a personal injury lawyer

The number of lawyers in the United States has increased by 15.2% over the past decade. While the number of attorneys has grown, there’s still a considerable gap when it comes to legal representation. Personal injury lawyers collectively handle about 700,000 personal injury claims every year, amounting to billions of dollars. Have you been involved […]

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Critical Questions You Need To Ask A Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury attorney questions to ask

With numerous personal injury lawyers offering the same legal services, it may be confusing and difficult to select one. But, it doesn’t have to be so. When looking for a lawyer specializing in personal injury law, there are several things that you should consider. Experience is, obviously, a major factor. However, there are many other […]

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Dog Attacks By Breed: What Breed of Dog Has The Most Attacks?

Dog Attacks By Breed

Every year approximately 4.5 million find themselves bitten by a dog, whether it is their own pet or someone else’s. Dogs are humans best friends, but there are times when our own best friends may become aggressive and attack us without warning. In this article, we are going to take an in-depth look at what […]

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What Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

What Does Personal Injury Attorney Do

  In the United States, 4.4 million people are injured seriously enough in auto accidents to require medical attention. The five most common injuries suffered in car accidents are soft tissue injuries, head injuries, arm and leg injuries, chest injuries, and scrapes, and cuts. You have probably seen the ads on TV stating if you are […]

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