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Emotional Injuries After a Car Accident

man suffering from emotional injuries after a car wreck

Emotional Injuries Can Be Just as Traumatic as the Physical

Being involved in a car accident can be a traumatic experience. This can result in a host of physical injuries and what is often overlooked are the emotional damage that can occur; particularly when involved in a severe car accident. Here are some emotional stressors one may run into after being involved in a car accident.

Symptoms of Emotional Trauma

Trouble sleeping or staying asleep – After sustaining a major injury after an accident, this can create both emotional and physical pain. When it comes time to go to sleep for the night, a person’s sleep could be disturbed due to the pain. Some great remedies for patients to try are breathing exercises that bring more calmness, listening to soft music. Songs associated with happy memories are a great choice for this. Reading is another way to help a patient “escape” for a bit and tone down their entire system.

Reoccurring Nightmares – These are typically associated with the experiences you had with the car accident or any stressors after the accident as well.

Weight loss or weight gains – Depending on each person, stress, anxiety, and trauma can bring on a person starting to either eat more or less – as certain emotions change or deepen, this can switch between the two in some cases.

Irritability and Moodiness – When people find themselves constantly being short or jumpy while engaging in conversation with others, this can be a sign of extreme moodiness. This is usually seen when people refuse to deal with their emotions head on versus putting them aside.

Feelings of loneliness – If you feel as though no one can relate to what you went through as far as trauma, this can evoke feelings of extreme loneliness.

Feeling overwhelmed – When you are dealing with emotion after a severe injury or trauma, even the smallest mundane tasks, if stacked up if front of you can bring on the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Feelings of embarrassment – If you were in a car accident that brought on a life-changing injury such as a lost limb, the trauma you experienced could cause the person to feel embarrassed as they would feel different than others. This can cause a person to completely withdrawal from others; taking the path of least resistance can be seen, at least short-term as the easier route to take.

Compulsive or obsessive behaviors – Tasks such as cleaning or organizing can allow people who are experiencing high emotions to regain some of that lost control they once had. If they feel as though they can’t control a certain situation, involving themselves in tasks that can easily become compulsive, for instance, are seen quite a bit.

Becoming fatigued or exhausted – You can become exhausted for several reasons after a car accident. This can be due to the actual physical toll it took on a portion of your body

It can be due to being involved in regular exercise, such as Physical therapy sessions or from dealing with so much emotion that it caused you to become fatigued/exhausted.

Social withdrawal – After sustaining a car accident injury, a person may begin to slowly withdrawal from friends and family. If any injury influenced your self-esteem, this would give a larger chance that a person would want to withdrawal.

Where to Begin with Treatment Plans?

Should any of the above emotional stressors continue to linger on and have any negative effect on your personal or professional life, it is good practice to seek out a Pain Management Clinic. These clinics are essentially a one-stop shop after experiencing an injury. Here, you will find, Psychologists, Nutritionists, Chiropractors, the list goes on. They will help you on the road to recovery of both the physical as well as the emotional pain. Small steps can go a long way in terms of injury or trauma. For instance, if you are dealing with weight loss, you can make changes to adding more calories in order to gain back the weight. If you are dealing with feeling overwhelmed, a Psychologist could work with you in order to discover solutions that would help to manage your routine and make any needed changes associated with it.

Quick Notes

  • The more efficient you are with seeking medical care after being involved in a car accident, the more likely you will be able to receive insurance assistance.
  • Keep all your doctor visit records together and organized in order to submit to insurance companies as well as for your own records.
  • Make use of all your resources both offline and online. These include friends, family members, and groups that are out there that deal with the specific injury/trauma you’ve experienced. The feeling that you aren’t the only one that went through the event will help your overall mental state.