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The Process of Properly Treating Broken Ribs After An Auto Accident

man with a rib injury after a car accident

Have you recently been in a car accident?

Getting in a car accident, no matter how small, can have many ramifications in your day to day life. Especially if the accident results in injury. If you have recently been in an auto accident you want to keep in mind your rights.

Sometimes after a collision, you may not realize you have injuries. There are a variety of things that can physically damage you in an accident. This is prevalent when talking about chest damage.

When it comes to your chest, you can never be too careful. Car airbags, seatbelts, even the steering wheel can put stress on your chest in an accident. If you are experiencing any level of discomfort in your chest after an accident, seek help immediately.

Pain does not always happen right away. If you experience pain and discomfort in the days to follow, you should still seek medical attention.

Is Your Breathing Regular and Your Chest Normal?

Any level of discomfort can be a sign of larger injuries. You may dismiss this pain at first, but it can be a sign of broken or cracked ribs. The severity of the accident does not always affect the amount of injury. There are tons of cases with extreme crashes resulting in next to no injury.

There are also cases of small crashes resulting in large injury. Stay prepared for signs of broken or fractured ribs even days after an injury. The main symptom of broken ribs is chest pain.

That may seem obvious, but after an accident, you may have gotten bruised. It’s important to feel the difference between a bruise and rib damage after a car accident.

If you have a fractured or broken rib, test by touching the area the pain is coming from. If the pain worsens, it’s a sign of further injury. Try taking a deep breath, if it’s just a bruise it’s important to continue breathing normally.

Changing your normal breathing habits can put pressure on muscles that aren’t generally as used to the strain of constant breathing. If you have injured ribs, taking a deep breath will substantially increase the pain in your chest.

If you are experiencing pain breathing, seek out medical attention as soon as possible. Another sign of rib injury is increased pain when twisting your body. This is a good way to test the difference between a bruise and bone injury.

When you laugh, cough, or sneeze and experience pain, this is also an indicator for a rib injury. It is crucial to seek attention right away for chest injuries. The damage range can have a variety of effects. Severe rib injury can result in damage to internal organs.

Seeking Medical Experts Right Away

It’s important to seek out a doctor when you think you have a chest injury. A doctor will do several tests to check if you have a rib injury. Most testing will begin with a light exam. If the doctor suspects you may have a chest injury from your auto accident you’ll do further testing.

Depending on your medical testing it can vary. Sometimes an x-ray is all that’s needed to pinpoint the problem and solution. Though you may need an MRI or a CAT scan depending on your past medical experiences.

This is a huge break from your daily life. It can cost thousands of dollars in medical bills. That’s not even factoring in the damage to your car, possible insurance or legal claims, and other related expenses.

The last thing you need to deal with while this is happening is a chest injury. Remember it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you experience any level of pain, seek out a doctor to be sure.

New York No-Fault Coverage

Once you’ve addressed any possible injuries sustained in the car accident, it’s important to know your rights. With so many different expenses involved in auto accidents, No Fault Coverage can be a lifesaver.

New York is one of the few states with No Fault Coverage. This law helps for expenses regardless of who’s at fault. It also assists to speed up the legal process so you can receive compensation sooner.

Through New York’s No Fault Coverage you can receive up to $50,000 to pay for related expenses. This can be a huge help with a rib injury. The coverage applies to nearly all New York citizens.

However, legal coverage does not apply to those traveling through New York or motorcyclists in an accident. The accident needs to take place in New York, with a vehicle registered in New York.

The coverage covers cars, trucks, buses, and taxis. It does extend to cyclists and pedestrians, but not scooters or motorcycles.