List of NEURORADIOLOGY Workers’ Compensation Doctors

Injured at work? Find NYS WCB Authorized Physicians specializing in NEURORADIOLOGY that treat work-related accidents and illness.

Neuroradiology is a subspecialty of radiology.  It is focused on the diagnosis and of conditions of the central and peripheral nervous systems.

The medical doctor that specializes in neuroradiology is a neuroradiologist. Diagnosing conditions of the CNS(central nervous system) and PNS (peripheral nervous system) using neuroimaging techniques.

Neuroimaging is also known as brain imagining.  This imagining is used to help doctors investigate more in-depth a neurological disorder.  Typical imagining techniques used are CT(computed tomography), CAT( computed axial tomography), and DOT (diffuse optical tomography), to name a few. They typically work in a hospital setting or outpatient diagnostic center.

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