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6 Reasons to Visit Pain Management Doctors After A Car Accident

Pain Management Doctors After A Car Accident

If you were injured in a car accident, you are probably worried about your health and your future. Your injuries may also be painful and debilitating, and you may be confused about what type of physician to visit. There are many different doctors to choose from, but if you’ve been injured in a car accident, it may be more helpful to seek treatment from pain management specialists. Such doctors possess years of experience helping car accident survivors heal using a myriad of proven and cutting-edge interventional pain management treatments and procedures.

If you are considering visiting a physician in the wake of a car accident, here are seven reasons to visit a pain management specialist.

1. Immediately Address Pain

In the wake of a serious auto accident, it is normal to deal with physical pain. The pain may even be so severe that it prevents you from working or living your normal life. If you experience any pain after a car accident, it is important to see a chronic pain management doctor as soon as you possibly can. A doctor may be able to prescribe adequate treatments to help you resume a pain-free life. There is no need to try to suffer through the pain on your own.

Pain Management Specialist After A Car Accident

Ideally, you should visit the doctor on the day of or the day after your accident – the sooner the better. Even if you are not in any pain, a routine doctor visit can help ensure you are not suffering from any non-visible injuries. The human body is very strong, but it is not designed to withstand serious accidents involving hundreds of pounds of plastic, metal, and glass. Simply put, don’t hesitate to visit a physician if you are in any pain following a car crash.

2. Prevent Delayed Pain

Even if you aren’t bleeding or suffering from a concussion, you may still be injured. The human body is susceptible to invisible injuries that cannot be seen with the eye. Often, the human body will produce adrenaline or remain in shock following an accident, so you may not feel any pain for many hours or even days. To make matters worse, these injuries can worsen over time, making them more difficult to treat and more painful.

Pain Management Doctor After A Car Accident

The neck and back areas are the most prone to invisible injuries. It can take days or weeks for back or neck pain to present itself, and often, this pain is a sign of spinal injury, herniated disc, and other types of spine-related injuries. Such injuries to the spine can be serious and have a lasting impact on your body and quality of life. Knee pain is also common, especially in car accidents, and can last if not treated. Other conditions that take time to present themselves include whiplash and soft tissue damage. It is best for a doctor to discover these injuries sooner than later in the wake of an accident.

3. Proper Documentation of Injuries

More than likely, you will at least want to get your medical expenses reimbursed if you were not at fault, and by seeking medical care as soon as possible, you can streamline the insurance claims process.

Car Accident Pain Management Specialist

Following an accident, you will probably have to deal with the responsible party’s insurance company, and if you seek medical attention quickly, you may be able to negotiate better. By obtaining medical care and keeping detailed records of it, you can counter any such claims by the responsible party’s insurance company.

4. Identify Non-Visible Injuries

As previously mentioned, the human body is susceptible to injuries that are not visible. These injuries are typically internal and usually impact internal organs, bones, and nerves. Believe it or not, many of these internal injuries can be caused by seat belts, especially if they are not properly fastened. Although they are meant to protect us, seat belts can cause severe internal bruising and even more severe injuries to the abdominal and hip area in many cases.

Auto Accident Pain Management Specialist

Internal injuries often affect vital organs, so they can be serious. Internal bleeding can also go unnoticed at first, and over time, blood can collect inside the body leading to severe medical complications. To prevent such occurrences, you should seek medical attention from specialists in pain management as soon as you can. It could potentially save your life.

5. Quicker Insurance Claims

The vast majority of insurance companies consider 72 hours after an accident to be a reasonable amount of time to obtain medical treatment. Even if you don’t think you are injured, you will still want to be checked out by specialists in pain management to rule out any minor medical issues. Receiving medical care within this time frame will also show insurance companies that you are serious about your injuries and you took proactive steps to seek treatment for them. The longer you delay treatment, the longer it will take your insurance claim to process and the less likely you will be to receive reimbursement for your injuries.

6. Access to Years of Specialized Training and Experience

Specialists in pain management become specialists by undergoing extensive education and training for their field. They often possess recognition from a specific board of medicine, such as the American Board of Anesthesiology or the American Board of Pain Medicine. They are also required to pursue a residency based on their particular field of study. In other words, when you seek the care of a seasoned pain management doctor, you will receive care and pain relief from an individual who has years of comprehensive experience handling a wide variety of injuries and illnesses.

Car Accident Doctor New York

Although you may be tempted to visit a general practitioner, you should remember they do not possess the same degree of expertise. Often, injuries caused by car accidents require more than prescription medications. The vast majority of chronic pain management doctors utilize a variety of remedies and other treatment methods, such as spinal injections. They can refer you to a chiropractor or physical therapist, and incorporate their treatment plans into your as well. They may also help you develop a lifestyle plan to help you manage your pain at home.

What to Expect When You Visit a Pain Management Doctor

As previously mentioned, pain management doctors utilize a wide variety of treatment options when it comes to their patients.

Pain Management Doctor for Car Accident Injuries

These treatment options are not usually available from general practitioners, and they often include:


  • Physical Therapy – One of the most common types of pain management treatments, physical therapy is often prescribed for auto accident survivors. Treatment may include strengthening and stretching exercises, in addition to other approaches.
  • Chiropractic Care – Spinal alignment is often compromised after serious car accidents, but fortunately, a trained chiropractor can help patients restore their normal spinal alignment. Chiropractors often utilize a technique referred to as spinal adjustment or manipulation to do this. By applying controlled force, chiropractors can realign vertebrae and prevent them from putting strain on spinal nerves.
  • Back Pain Treatments – Many individuals will experience back pain following a car accident. There are many injections available to help treat and manage chronic pain in the lower, middle, and upper back areas. These trigger point injections target the pain-causing nerves directly, as opposed to prescription tablets which impact the entire human body.

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