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6 Ways You Can Be Protected By Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Law Protection

Personal injury law can be defined as the legitimate solutions and defenses implicated in civic lawsuits when there’s illicit conduct. Many of the personal injury lawsuits are founded on the doctrine of carelessness. Precisely put, this law requires individual members of a society to behave accordingly to avoid putting other people at risk. However, this doesn’t imply that negligence will occur every time one is hurt. The law recognizes that some calamities and circumstances are unavoidable. 

To create a penalty, the complainant is expected to show that a careless person in the defendant’s position would’ve behaved differently under the said circumstances. Some of the negligence cases are accidents that arise as a result of drunk drivers, medical inconveniences due to recklessness, and bites from brutal animals that are unrestricted. In every situation here, it’s ruled that the party responsible dismissed the danger presented to others, and due to this, the plaintiff was harmed.

When, as an individual, you feel that you’ve been injured due to someone’s misconduct, it’s a noble idea to engage the services of a personal injury lawyer. A lawyer will work on your behalf to intervene for a fair payment for the injuries you’ve suffered due to the accident. When these lawyers mediate your settlement amounts, they must also ensure that you receive the settlement you warrant. With that said, working with advocates, like Nadrich & Cohen California injury lawyers, will ensure you get the justice you merit.

This article walks you through ways the law of personal injury can protect you. Read on to get enlightened. 

1. Protection Against Low Value Offers From Insurance Companies

When you file a complaint against an insurance company, it’s not a surprise for them to pay you straight away. Sometimes, they avail the compensation before you even consult a lawyer—this isn’t accidental either. These companies usually have skilled claim evaluators who fully understand your claim’s worth. Unfortunately, their goal is to make you take the least share possible. 

The insurance representatives trick you into agreeing that their settlement offer is fair. Others go to the extent of advising one not to involve a lawyer, deeming it as a wastage of money and asserting that the insurance company won’t offer more compensation.

Weekly, they handle many claims, and they have the vitality to make you get the lowest amount of compensation.

Insurance professionals realize that amidst lost jobs, increasing medical expenditures, amongst other emergencies, one may be in dire need of cash, and they take advantage of this. In the end, they poorly compensate you, and by the time you realize this, other disastrous effects may have already emerged. To avert this, the personal injury lawyer is there to protect you against this misconduct.

2. Employee Safety And Consumer Protection

When businesses try to deceive customers or engage employees in unsafe work exercises, the personal injury law helps injured employees get compensation. Personal injury lawyers execute ‘punitive damages’ on the company.  This refers to monetary penalties imposed on businesses for misconduct that’s malicious, violent, willful, fraudulent, oppressive, wanton, or extremely gross. Precisely, if a court confirms that a company behaved absurdly, they evaluate punitive damages and the plaintiff’s exact damages, such as medical bills and lost wages.

3. Protection Against Reputation Injury

Reputational damage refers to giving information that gives a negative image to a company or an individual. It can result from several issues, but its eventual source is an unfavorable shift in the reasoning of a stakeholder correlated to their feelings on a corporation’s conduct, communication, or performance.

In many cases, reputational injury results from a void between what the firm says and what’s recognized to have been done. This can comprise many issues, like CEO misconduct, regulatory breach, cyber-attack, damning buyer reviews, or vital posts in social media accounts.

A company’s or individual’s response to reputational damage determines the severity. Failing to inform stakeholders about the condition, curtailing negative social media coverage, and doing inadequate response can cause lasting destruction to one’s reputation. This may, in turn, require huge sums for rectification. Luckily, if your reputation has been damaged, the personal injury lawyer is there to ensure you’re compensated.

4. Protection Against The Police

When wrongful or unlawful detention causes injury to an individual reputation and assets, one can sue the police. With the help of a personal injury lawyer, law enforcement officers can be sued for assault, damage, wrongful arrest, malicious prosecution, medical expenses, or losing a job due to police actions and suffering.

5. Protection Against Animal Injury

Animal owners must keep their pets responsibly to avoid hurting other people. Still, due to recklessness, those possessing these domestic pets fail to prevent harm to others, resulting in injuries. When this happens, claims can be filed against these pet owners to cater to imposed medical expenses, losing a job, or a potential to earn and damages realized due to pain and suffering. The personal injury law investigates and protects people from dog bites and other attacks from vicious animals.

6. Protection From Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice results after a healthcare facility, doctor, or any health professional, through omission or negligent act, inflicts harm to a patient. The negligence could arise from a mistake in diagnosis, treatment, or aftercare management.

For one to qualify for protection from personal injury law, the malpractice should’ve resulted from the negligence by a health professional of violation of healthcare regulations. It should also have led to financial strain on the plaintiff’s part in an attempt to recover.

Personal injury plays a primary role in protecting people from any sort of intentional injury. This refers to cases that involve carelessness, which leads to harming others. However, at times, the harm is inflicted deliberately. Intentional injury can either be physical damage to an individual or damage to one’s property. Examples of physical injuries are those that emanate from emotional distress, battery, defamation, wrongful death, and false imprisonment. 


Some of the cases that are considered as intentional injuries include homicide, neighborhood violence, elderly maltreatment, child labor and abuse, and sexual assault, amongst others. The personal injury law protects people from all these gross malpractices. Not only is the plaintiff compensated, but, also, those committing these atrocities are heavily punished.