List of ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY Workers’ Compensation Doctors

Injured at work? Find NYS WCB Authorized Physicians specializing in ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY that treat work-related accidents and illness.

Orthopedic surgery is a branch of surgical medicine that deals with conditions involving the musculoskeletal system.  The medical doctor that specializes in orthopedic surgery is an orthopedic surgeon.

The use of surgical and nonsurgical means of treatment for muscle and bone conditions to treat disease,  trauma,  injuries, and other disorders.

Some common surgical procedures performed by orthopedic surgeons are arthroscopy (small scope inserted into a minor cut), joint replacement, fracture repair, and spinal fusion, to name a few.

Some non-surgical procedures are casting, booting, bracing, and physical therapy to name a few.

Car accidents and work-related injuries are common incidents that require the care of an orthopedic surgeon.  These injuries such as whiplash, back injuries, and ligament damage are all automobile accident-related conditions treated by orthopedic surgery.

Work-related injuries are also treated by orthopedic surgeons.  Some of those injuries include overexertion injuries, repetitive motion injuries, and reaction injuries. Overexertion injuries include back, neck, and shoulder strains and sprains.

Repetitive strain injuries include carpal tunnel, wrist injury from typing, inflamed ligaments and tendons from the same motion done over and over.

Reactive injuries are caused by slipping, tripping, sitting, reaching, and bending, to name a few.

The orthopedic surgeon can function similarly to the occupational medicine doctor.  They are familiar with the workers’ compensation and insurance claims process.  They are also focused on getting the injury treated, help the individual to heal,  and restore lost functionality with proper rehabilitation.

The orthopedic doctor will follow a process after a work-related injury or automobile injury.

This process consists of a prompt evaluation of the injury, provide necessary medical care for the injury, serve as a liaison between the injured individual and the workers’ compensation agents, insurance company, employer, and other medical specialists.  They also communicate with the adjusters regarding treatment and determine the individuals return to work status.  The orthopedic surgeon is usually in private practice or employed by a hospital.

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