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What to Do for Neck Pain in a Child When Looking Up

Neck Pain in a Child When Looking Up

Has your child recently complained about experiencing neck pain when looking up? You likely feel a little nervous about this. You aren’t sure what caused the pain, and you want to make your son or daughter feel better. Neck pain in a child when looking up is often due to a simple strain, so you can likely treat the issue at home. However, if your child experiences whiplash pain after a car accident, visit an experienced New York whiplash injury doctor for a proper evaluation. 

Ice, Heat, and Medication

Ice, heat, and medication can reduce the pain your child feels when looking up. Start with applying ice to the painful area for 15 minutes at a time for the first two days. If your child still experiences pain, switch to heat on the third day. Only keep the heat on your child’s neck for 10 minutes. You can also give your child over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications for the first few days.

Ensure Proper Screen Use

Your child probably uses a phone or tablet regularly. This can lead to neck pain when looking up. You can fix this problem by ensuring your child looks at the screen properly. Have your child lie on his or her back and look up when using a phone or tablet. This reduces the pressure that is placed on the neck. If your child is sitting while using the phone or tablet, make sure it is at eye level. Also, don’t let your child stay on a device all day. Set limits to reduce the strain put on the neck.

Avoid Physical Activity

Your child likely likes to run and play, but he or she needs to keep activity to a minimum when experiencing neck pain. The neck needs rest when it’s hurt. Have your child slow down for a few days until the pain goes away.

Add Stretches to Your Child’s Daily Routine

Your child also might benefit from stretching for three minutes each day. Have your child touch his or her chin to each shoulder. Then your child needs to touch his or her ear to each shoulder, and finish by moving the head backward and forward. These simple stretches will make your child less likely to experience pain when looking up.

When to Seek Treatment

If the pain is not caused by an accident or injury, at-home treatment should help. However, if your child doesn’t respond to treatment or if the pain started after an injury, visit a New York injury doctor. For example, if your child experiences neck pain after a car accident, a medical evaluation is needed.

Don’t Put Off Treatment

If your child feels neck pain when looking up, it could be a simple strain, or it might be more serious. Don’t be afraid to visit a New York neck injury doctor for help. These physicians can treat everything, from injuries caused by a workers’ compensation accident to whiplash pain caused by car accidents or falls.