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What Type of Doctor to See in New York For Whiplash

whiplash treatment

Did you know that about 3 million Americans have whiplash every year? You might have gotten whiplash as a result of an accident. For example, it might result after a car accident. If you, you might be looking for the right whiplash treatment in New York. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect.

What Is Whiplash?

Whiplash often results because of a back-and-forth motion in the neck. It is similar to the way a whip cracks. Whiplash often occurs during an impact from a rear-end collision. However, there are other instances where the condition might result, such as falling, sports accidents, or physical abuse. It might be called a strain or sprain, but those terms can refer to other injuries, so they are not as accurate.

Sometimes you can recover from whiplash in a few days or weeks. You will receive a treatment plan from the doctor that uses exercise and pain medication. However, you might have longer-lasting complications from the issue, such as neck pain. That is why it is so critical to see the right whiplash doctor in New York.

Causes of Whiplash

An experienced injury doctor can diagnose the condition. It happens when your head moves forward or backward too quickly. Whiplash can occur under various circumstances, like contact sports injuries, but is most common during a motor vehicle accident. The symptoms might vary, and they can include neck stiffness or pain. These might go away in a couple of weeks. Doing stretches early on can help you start to heal faster. Sometimes, the symptoms from the condition can last a long time.

About the Whiplash Injury Symptoms

The symptoms might start a couple of days after your injury. They can include:

  • Lack of range of motion in your neck
  • Fatigue
  • Stiffness and pain in the neck
  • Pain in your arms or shoulders
  • Headaches that begin at the bottom of your head
  • Worse pain as you move your neck
  • Dizziness
  • Numb arms
  • Irritability or trouble concentrating
  • Ringing in your ears or blurred vision
  • Sleeping issues

What Type of Doctor to See for Whiplash

The type of doctor to see will depend on what caused the whiplash. It also determines your whiplash treatment options. Whiplash might happen when your head moves back and forth quickly, injuring the discs, bones, and ligaments. Other tissues, like the muscles, might also get damaged. It might happen because of a car accident, such as a rear-end collision. Almost half of those with whiplash after an accident have moderate pain.

The best whiplash injury treatment depends on the cause. For instance, if you get shaken or punched, you could develop the condition. Plus, an injury in a contact sport such as football might cause whiplash. That is especially true if you have a collision.

Chiropractic Care for Whiplash

When whiplash first happens, it will be in the acute phase. During that time, your car injury chiropractic provider will try to reduce inflammation in your neck. They can use many techniques for that, such as ultrasound and traction. They might use manual therapy, like stretching, spinal manipulation and adjustment to reduce your discomfort.

You might need to use an ice pack on the area and support it using a neck brace. As the pain goes down and the inflammation recedes, you can begin to recover. The chiropractor might manipulate the spinal area or use other techniques to help your neck have a broader range of motion.

Physical Therapy Treatment

Whiplash physical therapy treatment can vary depending on the injury. But you might do the same range-of-motion exercises so that you can move around without any pain. Physical therapy might help you recover faster and avoid injuries in the future. The physical therapist can help you do the right exercises to improve your posture and strengthen your body.

Sometimes, the therapist might do electrical nerve stimulation, which involves using an electrical current on your skin. Some of the research has suggested that it might reduce your pain and help your muscles get stronger.

When it comes to PT, the number of required treatments can vary depending on your body. Your therapist will create a treatment plan, and then you can perform the personalized routine on your own time at home.

Orthopedic Doctor Diagnosis

The orthopedic doctor will ask you about the injury, current symptoms, and past health conditions to diagnose the condition. They will scrutinize the neck and head. You will need to have an X-ray to ensure you do not have broken bones in some cases. They might recommend having a CT scan or MRI to see if you have other injuries.

Closing Thoughts

If you have been involved in an accident, you will do well to visit a healthcare provider whois is experienced in treating motor vehicle injuries, including whiplash. They can help you explore your options, including physical therapy and chiropractic treatment. Making an appointment today is your first step.

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