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8 Surprising Ways a Car Accident Can Change Your Life

8 Surprising Ways a Car Accident Can Change Your Life

Your most immediate concerns after a car accident likely relate to the physical pain you’re experiencing and possibly even the damage to your vehicle. While these are certainly two expected consequences of vehicle collisions, they aren’t the only ones. 

As you may find out with time and by talking to experts, many other issues may arise that change your life temporarily or even forever. It can be worth keeping this information in mind should you decide to make a personal injury claim.   

Injury Pain

A Paul Giannetti Albany personal injury attorney can factor injuries into your personal injury claim when trying to cover your accident-related costs. Generally, your chosen attorney can calculate a fair figure based on the seriousness of your injuries, how much your medical bills for them cost, and how long you have to be off work. 

Car Accident Shoulder Injury

The healing time frame, the inconvenience of being injured, and any specialist costs and home alterations to accommodate your disabilities are also often included in the settlement request. While some injuries like bruises and scrapes heal quickly, others can take much longer, like broken bones, head injuries, and internal injuries. 

You may receive a personal injury settlement to ease your financial-related stress and make life more comfortable, but that doesn’t mean the injuries you’ve experienced aren’t life-changing. You might be dealing with the consequences of your injuries for months or even years afterward, with hospital visits, trips to pain management specialists, and general discomfort in daily life. 

Emotional Damage

Physical injuries may be the most commonly spoken about after car accidents, but they aren’t the only thing you can suffer from post-collision. Some people are also left to heal from the emotional damage of a car accident. 

Car Accident PTSD

Stress, anger, depression, anxiety, and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are all commonly linked to accidents and other traumatic events. Even once your physical injuries have healed, you may also be trying to get your life back on track emotionally. 

However, just as personal injury attorneys and medical professionals can assist with physical injuries, they can also help with psychological and emotional ones. You may be compensated in court for your emotional distress, and therapists are available to help you through one of the most traumatic events of your life. 

Loss of Transport

If you were behind the wheel of your own car when your accident occurred, your vehicle might be damaged beyond repair. Even if it can be fixed, you may not yet have the funds to put it back on the road or purchase another road-worthy car before your personal injury settlement comes through. 

Car Accident in New York

While a car accident may change your life when you sustain injuries, it can also impact it temporarily when you no longer have a vehicle. You may have to rely on friends and family to get to appointments, take public transport, or walk to where you need to go, which can be frustrating. 

Death of a Loved One

According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, around 38,000 people die in crashes on U.S. roads each year. The sad reality is that you may have lost someone you loved in the car accident that also caused your injuries. 

Losing a family member or friend suddenly in a tragic road accident can be one of the hardest situations to find yourself in, especially when someone else is to blame. Your life may be changed forever when you’re no longer able to share your life with that special someone. 

Decreased Credit Rating

Healthcare in the U.S. costs approximately $3.5 trillion annually, and the average basic healthcare check can cost several hundred dollars. When you’re trying to pay for healthcare services after a car accident, you may not be able to cover your bills. 

Many accident victims end up in this very situation when their accident also means they can’t work and earn an income. While your personal injury attorney can fight for adequate compensation, there can sometimes be a window of time when bills pile up, and you become overwhelmed by how much you owe. 

Car Accident in New York

Sometimes, this can lead to late payment fees and your account being turned over to a debt collection agency. The last step may impact your credit rating, causing problems for accessing housing, loans, and even jobs, later in life. 

Fortunately, many medical care providers allow you to set up payment plans or delay payment deadlines until you’re able to access the money owed to you through the person responsible for your accident. 

Legal Struggles

When you align yourself with a quality car accident attorney, your stress levels can be kept to a minimum. They negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf, guide you through the entire personal injury claim process, and keep you informed about what’s happening as the case progresses. 

Car Accident Lawyer

However, that doesn’t mean the entire legal process doesn’t impact your life. While you’re trying to focus on your recovery, you may also be faced with insurance companies and defendants trying to pay less than what your claim is worth. That’s when finding a car accident lawyer in Jacksonville or your local area can be helpful.  

A personal injury lawyer can handle your legal needs while you recover from your injuries. An experienced attorney can communicate and negotiate with the insurance company to file a claim, submit all the necessary documents on time, and ensure you receive fair compensation for your damages.

Your lawyer will gather relevant evidence to support your claim and expedite the approval process. Additionally, your attorney can contact your creditors to inform them of your situation to help you manage your finances.

Family Troubles

It can be challenging for people who have never been involved in an accident to understand what you’re going through. You may be reluctant to get behind the wheel or aren’t as happy as you used to be. 

At first, your loved ones may cut you some slack and allow you to feel angry, sad, and scared. However, over time, their sympathy and empathy may wane. You may even notice that their patience wears thin. Dealing with a traumatic event is not a linear process, but a lack of understanding from those closest to you may mean your relationships become strained. 

Family members who were passengers in the accident, especially children, may also experience trauma and require long-term treatment. They may develop a fear of driving and be hindered from learning this important life skill due to the phobia caused by the accident. It’s crucial to seek professional help to address these fears and help them overcome their trauma.

Job Complications

If your accident has resulted in temporary or permanent injuries, performing your job may no longer be as easy as it once was. You may not even be able to return to work, depending on the injuries you’ve sustained. 

Job Complications after a Car Accident

For instance, if you work as a machine operator and you sustain a hand injury that impairs your reflexes and maneuvering ability, your current or future employer may reassign you to a lower-paying job. This is due to your inability to complete tasks efficiently. This scenario also applies to occupations that require excellent dexterity and hand skills, such as surgeons, dentists, plumbers, and electricians.

If you’ve spent your entire working life in a job you love and one you’ve made into your career, a car accident can change your whole life path in an instant. 

With tens of thousands of collisions in the U.S. every year, it may not seem like an unusual or unmanageable situation. However, on a personal level rather than a statistical one, car accidents can turn your world upside down. While experts like lawyers and medical professionals can help you on your healing journey, there’s no denying that you may never be the same person you once were.