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How to Lose Weight With a Knee Injury

loosing weight with knee injury

If you are overweight, the extra pounds put stress on your knees. That is bad enough when your knees are healthy and can support the weight. Now, though, you have a knee injury, and you realize that losing weight is the key to getting better. Your New York knee injury doctor likely even recommended shedding some pounds. You want to do it, but you aren’t sure how. Follow some tips to lose weight with a knee injury.

It Starts With Your Diet

The food and beverages you consume are the biggest contributors to your waistline. If you are serious about losing weight after a knee injury, cut out the sugar and alcohol and fill your plate with healthy lean meats, vegetables, whole grains, and fruits.

As a rule of thumb, if it’s processed, it shouldn’t make it on your plate. Stick with real healthy foods and watch the pounds melt away.

Hit the Pool

Swimming is an excellent way to burn calories when you have a knee injury. Consider joining a water aerobics class. Many of the people who take these classes have some sort of pain, injury, or limitation, and the instructors understand that. They usually provide exercise modifications for those who have injuries.

If one of the exercises is hard on your knees, the instructor will give you an alternative option. This will allow you to burn lots of calories without putting stress on your knees. Plus, you will feel light and strong when you’re in the water. This will empower you to work even harder to lose weight.

Make Your Upper Body Stronger

The local gym is full of weight machines that work out the upper body. Strength training is used to build lean muscles and burn fat. After a few weeks on the strength training machines, you will notice that your clothes fit better and you feel much stronger.

After your knee injury heals, you can begin strength training on the lower body as well. This will make you even leaner and stronger, and also help you protect your knee from further injuries.

Go to Physical Therapy

Did you know that physical therapy can help you lose weight after a knee injury? Your physical therapist or physiatrist will give you exercises that will burn calories while restoring function to your knee. You will likely be assigned a physical therapist if you injured your knee in a worker’s compensation accident or a car accident. Even if you haven’t been in an accident, you can go to physical therapy if needed, though.

Start on the Path to Better Health

Knee injuries hurt and you hope never to injure yours again. If you lose the excess weight, you’re less likely to end up with an injury. Your knee won’t have to handle the extra stress so it won’t be as susceptible to injuries. Follow these tips to begin losing weight. Then, once your knee heals, continue living a healthy lifestyle. You will feel so much better, and your knee will thank you.