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How to Stay in Shape With a Knee Injury

Knee Injury Exercise Program

Fitness is a big deal to you, so you can’t help but feel disappointed that you injured your knee. You’ve done everything right. You’ve seen a knee injury doctor and have started a rehab plan. Still, you can’t help but worry about staying in shape. You don’t want to let yourself go due to your injury. Fortunately, you can still exercise after you injure your knee.

Hop on an Exercise Bike

Cycling is a low-impact exercise and an excellent option when you have a knee injury. You can burn lots of calories and stay in shape while rehabbing your knee. There are a few things to keep in mind when cycling, though.

First, you should not straighten your leg completely if your knee is injured. Your leg should bend slightly when the pedal is fully extended. Also, do not tilt your seat, as that will put extra pressure on your knees. It should be as straight as possible.

Finally, start without adding any resistance. Then, as you build up strength, you can slowly add resistance to your workout routine.

Hit the Swimming Pool

If you have a knee injury, especially if’s following a torn knee ligament surgery, you might not be able to kick in the pool. That might make swimming difficult, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still burn calories in the water.

You can work your upper body while in the water and walk from one end of the pool to the next. You can also join a water aerobics class. You’ll notice that your knee feels much better when you’re in the pool. Just make sure you don’t push yourself too hard.

Use an Elliptical Machine

Elliptical machines provide a low-impact workout. You can even set an incline so you’ll engage the muscles located on the back of your legs.

You shouldn’t feel pain when you are on the elliptical (minus the burn of the workout), but if you do, stop the activity immediately. You should also stop if your knee doesn’t feel stable when you are on the elliptical. This is a sign that you are using the wrong technique on the machine. Talk to a trainer to get the correct technique and then try it again.

Work Your Upper Body

A good fitness routine includes strength training at least two times a week. You can’t work your leg muscles very much when you have a knee injury, but you can work your upper body. Hop on an exercise machine that will allow you to sit or lie down. Then work your arms, chest, and back. Over time, you can add lower body exercises as well, but don’t do that until your knees are ready

Stay in Shape With a Knee Injury

Whether you have been in a car accident, injured in a worker’s compensation accident, or hurt your knee in another way, you can stay in shape. Use these exercises to keep fit while you’re recovering from your knee injury. Just don’t push yourself, so you don’t reinjure your knee.