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In a Car Accident? Here’s What You Need to Look Out For

car accident injuries

We all spend so much time on the road that it’s easy to comfortable or even complacent behind the wheel of an automobile. It’s easy to forget about the risk we put ourselves in by getting on the road in the first place.

The reality is that accidents happen on roadways all the time. They are far more common than we’d like to believe, and it’s very likely we’ll all experience an accident at one point or another in our lives.

When this occurs, it’s important to take the time and effort to look out for our own health. Some car accident injuries may be minor, but others have the potential to have a great impact on our overall well being.

Read on and we’ll walk you through what types of injuries you should be looking out for.

1. Scrapes and Cuts

There is a lot of force involved in a car accident, and it’s likely that your body will get brushed up a bit in the impact. This could because you were hit with discarded pieces of glass or metal, or it might just be your body colliding with materials already in the interior of your car.

The scrapes and cuts that you receive from a car accident can be quite painful or possibly even dangerous, depending on how deep they are. It’s important to seek medical attention for these sorts of wounds.

Improper care for them could result in infection and a wealth of other possible complications.

2. Head Injuries

Another common result of a car accident is some sort of head injury. The great force of an accident can cause great damage to your brain, especially if you received a heavy impact on your head during the accident itself.

Traumatic brain injuries are an incredibly serious matter, as they can cause long-lasting damage and medical issues that could follow you your whole life. If not treated properly by a medical professional, you could be looking at long-term issues regarding normal brain functions.

If you’re unsure if you’ve had a brain injury, the most common symptoms are headaches and trouble sleeping. It can often be difficult to diagnose a brain injury, so it’s important to see a no-fault doctor as soon as possible after an accident.

If you’ve had any sort of blow to the head during an accident, even if you feel fine, you should insist on seeing an experienced injury doctor just to be safe.

3. Whiplash

Perhaps the most common injury stemming from car accidents is that of whiplash. Whiplash is a kind of soft tissue injury that can easily occur in a car accident scenario. When we say soft tissue, we mean the muscles, ligaments, and tendons that make up your body.

A whiplash injury can take many forms and can be quite painful.

Often the force of a car accident causes your body to move suddenly and unnaturally. This sharp and fast movement can strain the muscles and soft tissues in your body greatly, causing injury to them.

Often in the minutes or even hours following an accident, you might not feel the pain of a whiplash injury. Often the body will go into shock following an accident and will flood the body’s senses with adrenaline. Adrenaline can mask pain and create a survivor’s instinct, meaning you might feel perfectly fine in the initial moments following an accident.

It might not be until you get home and calm down that you feel the pain and soreness of this kind of injury. It’s important to see a doctor as soon as possible to treat whiplash and to create a written record of your injuries.

It will take some time to help the tissue recover, but often those with whiplash injuries make a full recovery in little time.

4. Broken Bones

The impact of one car against another is enough to make the bones in our body break. Some of our bones are more fragile than others and thus are more at risk in a car accident scenario. For example, it’s not uncommon for even a moderate amount of impact to cause a driver’s ribs to break.

Broken ribs can be an incredibly painful experience and can take a long time to recover from.

While broken ribs are among the most common bone broken in a car accident, one might also break an arm, leg, hip, or even shoulder. Often it’s because these bones could not withstand the pressure put on them by the accident.

One should seek medical help for a broken bone, where a medical professional can advise how serious the break was and how long it might take to heal.


Not all injuries that result from a car accident are physical. A person who has been in a serious accident might experience what is known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is a mental condition where they experience great anxiety and emotional suffering as a result of the accident.

Things that were once normal and routine might become hard to do. It might be very difficult for an individual to get behind the wheel of a car again without having a panic attack.

A person can recover from PTSD with heavy counseling and some time away from the road, but each person’s individual situation will vary.

Car Accident Injuries You Should Know

If you’ve recently been in an automobile collision, you should make sure you aren’t showing symptoms of any of the above car accident injuries. If you’re feeling pain, aches, or severe anxiety of any sort it’s best to see a medical professional as soon as possible.

If you do feel as if you’ve sustained an injury, call 1-800-897-8440 to book an appointment with an experienced car accident doctor near you as soon as possible. All of the doctors accept no-fault and PIP insurance, same-day-appointments may be available. Don’t delay, call today and get on the road to recovery!


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