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Staten Island: How To Find Doctors That Accept No-Fault Insurance

Staten Island No-Fault Doctors

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Staten Island No-Fault Doctors

Staten Island, also known as Richmond County, is one of the five boroughs in New York City. It is of the most beautiful place in NYC to explore with plenty of forests and natural habitat. Along with having fantastic attractions like Staten Island Zoo, Staten Island Children’s Museum, The Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Gardens, Staten Island has one of the best Italian restaurants in New York City.

Fortunately for those who’ve suffered an auto accident in the area, several experienced Staten Island doctors can provide the best of care. Read on to learn everything you need to know about no-fault insurance and finding the best doctor for you in Staten Island.

What Is No-Fault Insurance?

No-fault insurance gets its name from the fact that it covers car accidents even if you’re found to be at fault for the accident. Sometimes, you can be found at fault even when the accident isn’t really your fault, so it’s a great comfort to know that you’ll be covered anyway. However, your insurance rates may still go up after an accident, so it’s always essential to drive carefully.

No-fault insurance is sometimes also called personal injury protection insurance, or PIP. Generally, it will cover your medical expenses if you suffer an injury in your auto accident.

Common Auto Accident Injuries

The high speeds and hard surfaces involved in a car crash can lead to any of a long list of common injuries. Practically everyone will end up getting some scrapes and bruises during a car crash, which you can probably handle on your own.

You’ll need a doctor’s professional help if you suffer broken bones, internal bleeding, head injuries, herniated discs, or any other of the more serious car accident injuries that commonly occur.

Typical No-Fault Doctor Specialties

You’ll need to find one of the doctors who accept no-fault insurance in Staten Island to provide your medical care after an accident. Googling “no-fault doctor near me” can give you a daunting list of options with no indication as to which doctor is right for your situation.

Using our Find a Doctor tool can show you everything you need to know about your choices for doctors. You’ll be able to see their specialties and working locations, and even book an appointment right from there if you wish.


Neurologists specialize in treating your nervous system, which includes your brain, your spine, and all the smaller nerves branching out from the spine.

It’s not uncommon after an accident to lose feeling in a part of the body or to feel a constant tingling. If you have either of these symptoms or have recurring headaches, then a neurologist can help you.


Orthopedists specialize in the muscles and bones of your body, known as the musculoskeletal system. If you have broken bones, a sprained ankle, or muscles that have been torn or otherwise damaged, then an orthopedist is your best bet.


Chiropractors work with the alignment of your spine, as opposed to the tissue of your spine’s bones or nerves.

It can be very easy to have a few spine joints bumped out of place after a car accident. These can place stress on your nerves, or unbalance your posture. This places chronic stress on your muscles and leads to tension headaches.

A good chiropractor in Staten Island can help you straighten your spine back up and relieve your pain.

Pain Management

Pain management doctors specialize in treating pain. While other doctors might be preferable if some part of your body is not functioning properly, a pain management doctor is the right choice when you can perform all of your normal functions, but not without pain.

A pain management doctor can help you find the right surgeries or medications to manage your pain. On top of that, they can also teach you how to adjust your diet and otherwise alter your lifestyle to help you reduce pain naturally.


Psychologists work with injuries to the mind rather than to the organs or tissues of the body. Phobias and PTSD are both common ailments to suffer after a traumatic event like a car crash. They can be just as debilitating and interfere with your life as much as a broken bone.

A good Staten Island psychologist can help you gently face and eventually overcome the dark sides of psychology, allowing you to return to normal functioning in life.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists specialize in helping you to get back to using your body’s movements comfortably and effectively.

Some injuries are best left alone to rest and heal over time. Others heal faster if you put them through careful, regimented exercise. A physical therapist will help you to go through recuperative exercises that will speed you back to full health.


A physiatrist is a great choice if you’re looking to avoid surgery. Using modern techniques, it is often possible for you to coax your body back to full capacity all without ever having to operate on it from the inside.

How Can Doctor Help After an Auto Accident Injury?

No matter how you’re feeling after a bad accident, it’s a good idea to have a medical doctor give you a checkup. If you want to discover your injuries and recover from them as quickly as possible, an experienced doctor is the best way to do it with getting quality care.

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