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What to Do for Neck and Shoulder Pain When Walking

What to Do for Neck and Shoulder Pain When Walking

Walking should be a part of your daily routine. It helps you stay in shape and maintain your weight. You can even get some feel-good endorphins during your walk. Of course, it’s hard to feel good during a walk if you have neck and shoulder pain. If you experience neck and shoulder pain when walking, change your walking technique. This should alleviate your pain. However, if you still experience discomfort when walking, visit a doctor for an evaluation.

Drink Plenty of Water

You need to stay hydrated when engaging in any type of exercise, including walking. Many people do not realize this, but dehydration can actually make neck and shoulder pain worse. When you don’t drink enough water, you can get a headache. This causes tension, and much of that tension builds up in the neck and shoulders. Drink plenty of water before you walk and drink some more after. The extra water won’t just reduce your neck and shoulder pain when walking. It will also provide you with extra energy so that you can get more out of your walk.

Warm-up Before Walking

Your neck and shoulder pain could be due to injuries. It’s easy to injure yourself if you fail to warm up before exercising. Walking might not seem like real exercise, but it can be, especially if you push yourself. Stretch your neck and shoulder muscles before you begin your walk. Then start slowly and increase your pace. This should reduce your neck and shoulder pain when walking.

Maintain Good Posture

Shoulder and neck pain is often caused by poor posture. Stand tall and do not arch your back. Keep your eyes forward and your chin up. Your shoulders should be slightly back and relaxed. Engage your core and keep your back straight when walking.

Walk on a Flat Surface

Your neck and shoulder pain could be caused by your walking surface. If you walk along an uneven sidewalk, you will have a hard time maintaining the proper posture. Find a walking route that is flat and without hard-to-avoid obstacles. The flat surface will help you maintain your posture, so you are less likely to experience any discomfort.

Cool Down After a Walk

If you experience neck and back pain when walking, it’s important to cool down after you are done. Your neck and shoulders might carry tension from your walk. Gently stretch the muscles, so they will release the tension that can cause pain and discomfort. As you stretch, walk at a slow pace for your muscles to cool down.

Get Medical Attention If Needed

If you still experience neck and shoulder pain when walking, you might need medical treatment. Get a medical evaluation by an experienced injury doctor to see if your neck and shoulder pain is caused by an injury. Your doctor can treat the condition, so you can begin to enjoy walks without the pain. Then you won’t have any problem adding walking to your daily routine. You’ll realize just how much fun walking can be when you aren’t in pain.