How to Sleep with Sciatica

How To Sleep With Sciatica Back Pain

Sleeping with sciatica can feel like pulling a wooden piece out of a Janga tower: one false move, and you’ve got serious problems. Most sufferers have learned to avoid the subtle shifts and positions that set off their pain, but even experienced sciatica sleepers can have trouble getting a good night of rest. It can […]

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How to Get Rid of Neck Pain From Sleeping Wrong

Neck Pain From Sleeping Wrong

When you get up in the morning, you expect to feel refreshed, but instead, you are in pain. You quickly realize that your neck must have been in the wrong position when you were asleep, and it hurts to move it. Now, you need to know how to get rid of neck pain from sleeping […]

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How Long Does an Epidural Last for Neck Pain?

How Long Does an Epidural Last for whiplashNeck Pain after car accident

Car accidents and workers’ compensation accidents often result in injuries to the spine and neck that create long-term pain situations needing additional treatment for relief. For some patients, physical therapy or prescription pain management may address these issues, but for others, an epidural injection is the best option. The goal of an epidural is to […]

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How Foam Rollers Treat Neck Pain

foam rollers for neck pain

After a car accident or workplace injury, you may end up with soft tissue damage or muscle strains that affect your entire body. One area that is particularly sensitive to injury is our neck and spine. For those who receive a whiplash injury diagnosis or other strained muscle condition in this region, anti-inflammatories and gentle […]

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