A Closer Look at the Importance of Physical Therapy After a Car Accident

physical therapy after a car accident

Adjusting to life after a car accident isn’t easy. There’s a lot that needs to be done, and it feels like there’s never enough time to fit in everything. You’re dealing with your insurance company, managing repairs, or could be searching for a new vehicle. If you were in a particularly bad accident, you could […]

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What To Do After Your First Car Accident in New York

first car accident

Distracted driving was listed as one of the most common causes of car accidents in New York. Distracted driving often leads to personal injury and car accident claims. If you’ve recently had your first car accident In New York, we encourage you to see an auto accident doctor as soon as possible. Seeing a doctor […]

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How Long Should I Go to Physical Therapy After an Accident?

auto accident

Did you know that car accident injury is the 4th leading cause of injury-related death in Queens? We know that it’s not easy to move on —physically and mentally— after getting injured in an auto accident. In addition to the mental lag, there are so many boxes to check, and things to be done. From […]

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Physical Therapy for Neck Pain After a Car Accident in Brooklyn

physical therapy for neck pain

Brooklyn is actually bigger than Manhattan, and home to significantly more people at the same time. It’s a beautiful borough of New York City, complete with over 30 miles of shoreline with some very lovely beaches. Brooklyn’s name comes from the Dutch, who first settled it as a farming village in the 1600s. Back then, […]

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