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When Do You Need To See A Lawyer After A Vehicular Accident

When To See A Lawyer After An Auto Accident

Getting involved in a car accident is never a good thing. The situation isn’t just overwhelming for you and your passengers physically, but it’s also daunting to think about the legal repercussions of the incident for you and the other driver.

If you frequently use a vehicle to go to the office or fetch your kids from school, you need to have a car accident lawyer who can help you during emergencies. It’s better to find a dedicated legal counsel who you can contact anytime and anywhere.

Here are the times when you need to see a lawyer after a vehicular accident:

1. Right After The Accident

One of the first things you should do after being involved in a car accident, aside from checking for injuries on yourself or your passengers, is to call an attorney. A lot of people are still hesitant to contact their lawyers in this type of situation because they feel that they look guilty if they seek legal counsel.

However, access to a legal professional during emergencies is more than a privilege. It’s your right as a citizen of the United States.

Your lawyer can remind you of your rights to a prompt and fair trial in case the other party decides to go that route. Having someone on your side for legal and moral support can help ease some of the tension and anxiety that you may be feeling during the entire ordeal, especially if it’s your first time to go through this situation.

Some of the ways that a lawyer can provide valuable assistance after a car accident are by:

  • Documenting the scene – If your phone isn’t damaged by the accident, use it to take pictures of the scene. This way, the cars can move out of the way and prevent holding up traffic if the police take a long time to respond. However, you should avoid any movement if there’s severe damage to you or the other driver’s car.
  • Preserving evidence – A lawyer can also guide you on the things that you need to take note of to present a solid case for your innocence. Plus, they can help you avoid tampering with something that may be considered as evidence unwittingly.
  • Talking with the police – Your attorney can assist you in communicating with the authorities to maintain an accurate retelling of the events. Accuracy is crucial in the police report because it can be used in court.
  • Exchanging information – Having a lawyer present when you’re exchanging information with the other driver can give the situation more gravity and legitimacy. Plus, both parties will be more willing to give accurate information, especially if a police officer is there as well.
  • Seeking medical attention – Aside from legal assistance, your lawyer can also help you get the medical attention that you need, whether for minor or severe injuries. They may even have connections to the best specialists to tend after you.

2. You Appear To Be At Fault

In a rear-end collision, it’s often the driver of the back car that’s considered to be at fault. However, it’s not always the case. There are instances when the driver at the front stopped abruptly, leaving the motorist behind them with no time to step on the brakes immediately, thus resulting in a crash.

A lawyer is helpful in this situation since they can provide their input on why it’s the other driver’s fault. They know signs of negligence, as well as how to prove your innocence in the incident.

3. You Require Specialized Medical Attention

The level of your injury is a crucial factor in getting compensated appropriately by the other driver and your insurance company. Sometimes, the two parties will try to lowball you and downplay the severity of your condition after the accident.

Your lawyer can defend you and ensure that you get appropriate compensation for the damages your car or your physical well-being incurred. Take note that a serious injury doesn’t always require surgery. Broken bones, joint pains that necessitate injections and long-term treatment, and wounds that cause severe pain can be considered severe injuries.

There’s also the possibility of not knowing that you’ve been injured in the car accident and just discovering the harm done to you after weeks, months, or even years. A seasoned lawyer with extensive experience can spot signs of internal damage that may manifest and cause problems in the future

4. You’re Having Trouble With The Insurance Company

Injuries sustained from car accidents may result in financial losses on your part. If you have an insurance policy, it ought to be enough to pay your medical bills. However, insurance companies often make it difficult for their clients to get the appropriate reimbursement.

Having a lawyer by your side helps ensure that the insurance company pays you according to the terms and conditions on your contract. Some providers would go as far as to pin the blame on you, especially if you weren’t able to report your injury as quickly as possible. They may even claim that you exacerbated your condition by not looking for treatment.

5. You Expect To Go On Trial

The primary reason for seeking a car accident lawyer is because there’s always a possibility that the other driver would want to go to court. They may feel that they’ve been inflicted with severe damage, and that’s why they want proper compensation to make for it.

When you enlist the help of your attorney from after the accident to the trial itself, you give yourself a higher chance of showing the court that the incident wasn’t your fault. They can collect evidence and prepare the necessary documents for your case.


Aside from the police and medical professionals, you must also get in touch with a lawyer to provide you with legal assistance to support your innocence. You need to talk to your attorney right after the accident, when the circumstances are against you, when you need specialized medical assistance, and when you’re having trouble with the insurance company. Lastly, contact your lawyer when you expect the case to go on trial.