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When to Talk to A Disability Attorney

When to hire attorney for disability

Most people find fulfillment in providing for themselves. Therefore, it can be worrisome to be in a position where you can’t work and require financial support to treat and sustain for yourself or a loved one due to a disability. Going through such a situation can be quite challenging, so you need all the help to pull through successfully.

Most people go through this period in silence with little or no help. Some try to claim their social security and other health benefits during this period.

However, most people often fail to acquire these benefits because they didn’t have access to proper representation. You need a disability attorney to ensure you get all the support you need. Here is how to know when you need to talk to a disability attorney.

1. When You Need Legal Advice

The first thing that you might experience during this period is confusion. It may seem like too many problems are surfacing while you won’t know which challenge to face first.

The smart thing to do at such time is to seek a disability attorney for legal advice on what steps to take and what not to do.

Most people at this stage take steps that later prevents them from receiving all the social security and disability benefits they could have gotten. By the time they finally see the need for a disability lawyer, it is often too late.

The first golden rule is to seek the advice of a disability attorney before taking any action. A competent disability attorney will analyze your case, show you the options, and advise on the best option that will be most beneficial to you.

This will take the burden off your shoulders and increase the chances of getting the help and support you need.

2. When You Need Health Benefits

Sometimes health crises like accidents occur while performing your duties. When such accidents happen, the firm you work for is ideally supposed to give you a health benefits package to support you during recovery and treatment.

Unfortunately, most employers usually try to avoid taking responsibility for such expenses as it might drain their revenue. Therefore, you need to get a disability attorney to provide the necessary legal representation to gain the health benefits package.

The first thing you need to do is to get to your doctor or a hospital to ascertain your injury or disability is work-related. Once confirmed, you can then contact a disability attorney to review your case.

Avoid contacting the company first. This is because the firm’s attorney is primarily concerned with representing the interest of the company and not yours.

The company’s attorney may try to force your hands or convince you to manage the sickness with little or no compensation.

However, reaching out to your attorney first can give you an edge if adequately utilized. It prevents your company from dismissing your case and ensure that your interests are well represented. Getting an appropriate settlement will significantly reduce the financial burden that comes with health challenges.

3. When Your Job is Permanently Affected by Disability

Treating a major sickness/injury can be life-changing, for both you and your loved ones. You would expect that companies should make provisions to take care of their injured workers. However, most companies’ worker’s compensation package covers only the period of treatment, after which you are on your own.

Most companies also have an insurance plan that allows the company to employ someone else to perform your duties until you are fit to resume work.

However, two things tend to happen that can affect your job security in the case of a significant health crisis. The first thing is your company may want to retain the person doing your work in the interim. This means you may find yourself out of a job when you finally get better.

Another significant thing that may happen is never fully recovering, hence making your disability permanent.

If any of the above scenarios should happen, you will need a good disability attorney to fight and guarantee that you are rightly compensated. That way, you are either guaranteed a job when you get back or placed on an equivalent amount of retirement benefit if the disability is permanent.

4. When You Need Proper Legal Representation

Another major mistake most people in need of disability attorneys make is to try to represent themselves when seeking to readdress for the injustice melted on them.

It is possible to apply for social security. However, you need to make sure you understand all the processes involved. This is because filing a social security claim can become a long and confusing process for someone who lacks the necessary expertise and experience.

Besides, representing yourself might lead to some avoidable mistakes that can disqualify your application. Therefore, you need a professional disability attorney who is versatile with all the processes involved and can help you sort out the relevant information necessary to win your case.

Your disability attorney will represent you by filing all the needed paperwork and submission of relevant medical documents. This will guarantee that you meet all the required criteria that will make your social disability application undeniable.

However, if you already began the process of applying for your social security administration, you can still make the right decision by contacting an injury attorney as soon as possible. Even if you already lost, there is still a chance that a skilled disability attorney can appeal for reconsideration.

Moreover, the ideal thing the court will do if you lose a claim is to send a notice detailing the disability claim was denied. This is when you need to get a disability attorney to examine the errors on the previous and put up a better request during the appeal.


Going through a period of either temporary or permanent disability can be a difficult period for anyone. Battling a disability claim is an even dicier situation. Any small mistake and your claim can go out the door.

However, the good news is that with the right disability lawyer, you can ensure your interests are well-protected. What’s more, most disability attorneys don’t get paid until you are compensated. That means you wouldn’t have to worry about how to pay the disability attorney.

You need to talk to a disability attorney if you need legal advice or representation for work-related injuries, help to claim your health benefits, and when the work disability is a permanent one. Make sure to hire an experienced disability attorney to increase the chances of getting the help you deserve.