Brooklyn Pain Management: Can It Help After A Work-Related Injury?

Pain Management Workers' Compensation Doctor

There has been an increase in reported work-related accidents in Brooklyn and other New York boroughs, especially in the construction industry. Work injuries can range from minor to severe. Whenever there is an injury, there is usually pain involved as well.  Pain is defined as an unpleasant sensation that causes mild to severe discomfort caused […]

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How to Find the Right Workers’ Comp Doctor in The Bronx, NY

workers comp doctor

According to statistics, worksite injuries are up by a whopping 221% in the last five years in NYC. Most of us don’t foresee ourselves having an accident at work. When something unexpected does occur, the most important thing is to get treatment quickly. Which means finding a good workers’ comp doctor near you. If you […]

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Can You Be Fired for Filing a Worker’s Comp Claim?

workers' comp clinics

There are between two and three million nonfatal workplace injuries every year in the US. Some work-related injuries do end up being fatal, in which case the workers’ comp conditions change. How do those injured on the job benefit from workers’ compensation, and what rights do the employee and employer have under the current laws? […]

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5 Exercises For An Ankle Sprain You Can Do At Work

5 Exercise For Ankle Sprain You Can Do

Every year, 60,000 foot injuries keep people out of work. One of the most common types of foot injuries people sustain is ankle sprains. No matter what type of industry you’re in, just walking around normally can result in this injury, which is why ankle exercises are essential. While there’s not a whole lot you […]

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