How to Prevent a Shoulder Injury

Shoulder injuries are quite common among people who have very physically active jobs. The shoulder joint has the largest range of motion in the body, which gives it a huge range of functions. But this also means it is very susceptible to injuries, and injuries in the shoulder can take a long time to heal […]

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What Is the Average Workers’ Comp Shoulder Injury Settlement?

The shoulder joint is one of the most important joints in the body because of its wide range of motion. But because it has such a wide range of motion, it can also be injured easily. Often, shoulder injuries require surgery to help them heal properly. This makes workers comp shoulder injuries very costly and […]

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How to Tape a Shoulder Injury

If you use your arms a lot at work, such as lifting heavy items, you will probably suffer from a shoulder injury at some point. Knowing how to tape these injuries can offer relief from the pain by providing more space in your joint. It can also take the pressure off strained muscles by helping […]

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