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5 Common Injuries At Work And When You Should Call A Lawyer

Workers Comp Injury Attorney

Injuries are a common occurrence in any workplace. Every year, hundreds of thousands of personal injuries – many of them serious – are reported from various fields of work. As such, it goes without saying that every business entity, whether small or big, should prioritize the safety of its workers and clients. If the employees are working in the field or within any technical department, then personal protective equipment should be provided.

However, accidents continue to occur despite several measures being put in place. In relation to that, this article will cover some of the most common injuries you or your colleagues are likely to experience in the workplace. As you might already know, it’s always important to take the legal route whenever you find yourself in such situations.

Read on to know the common injuries at work and when you should call a lawyer.

Slips, Trips, Or Falls

You must’ve been a victim of these types of accidents at some point in your life, whether at work or at home. Nearly one-fifth of all injuries are caused by slipping, tripping, or falling accidents, which usually happen while workers are undertaking their daily duties. Slips happen in areas where there is very little traction or friction, such as wet floor. As such, it’s usually recommended that you wear your safety boots (highly-threaded) if you are likely to work in such areas.

Trips, on the other hand, come about when you accidentally hit something with your foot and lose balance. Of course, both tripping and slipping result in falling on the floor and sustaining injuries. However, falls can be categorized into two. One group is comprised of accidents that result from slips and trips on level ground, while others are from elevations, such as roofs and ladders. Before you start working, the employer ought to provide you with relevant PPEs and guidance.

Cuts And Bruises

Another common types of personal injuries at work include cuts and bruises. They result from accidental contact with sharp objects or sharp edges of machines. These are a regular occurrence, and even those who follow regulations to the latter could still be victims. For instance, you could be repairing a machine, and you suddenly move your finger over the machine’s metal edges or sharp components.

The best way to prevent any accident is to first learn its root causes. To avoid cuts and bruises, every employee should wear the right protective equipment before commencing their duties. In addition, training is very crucial in the prevention of any accident within and outside the workplace. Are you looking to claim your compensation after being a victim of a workplace accident?  Well, bruises and cuts can be tricky sometimes, especially if they are an exacerbation of injuries sustained in a different incident.  For this reason, the services of an experienced Miami personal injury attorney will come in handy.

Muscle Strains

Muscle strains are usually associated with sportsmen and women, but they are not limited to the sports industry alone. Even at your workplace, you can still be a victim of the same, especially if the tasks involve lifting heavy objects. As you struggle to move things within your workstation, the muscles are stretched and may even tear.

However, that’s not to say someone working in an office is not susceptible to muscle sprains and strains. As a matter of fact, those seated at the office the whole day are among the most popular lot reporting such injuries annually. Apart from training, one’s sitting posture could help in reducing such cases.

Impact Injuries

Impact injury is sustained when one’s body collides with a moving or stationary object. Impact injuries are common in places where automobiles and other moving machines are used. Depending on the scenario and type of machine included, the damage can either be severe or minimal.

The latter can be easily managed, and the victim can be back at work within no time. However, if you sustain head injuries, for instance, then, you must see a doctor to assess the damages. Regardless of the injury type, you have a right – as an employee – to claim compensation.

Contact With Toxic Substances

Are you working at a manufacturing company?  As you might have already noticed, most accidents involving chemicals are largely within the manufacturing industry. However, that’s not to say that you won’t come into contact with toxic substances if you are working in other fields. In fact, there are many reported cases on the same across all industries.

Apart from accidentally touching or splashing these chemicals on your skin, you can also suffer from severe health issues if you inhale hazardous fumes. Do you wonder how to work safely with these toxic substances?   Like any other form of accident, the best preventive measure is the use of protective equipment.

When You Should Talk To A Lawyer

Hiring an experienced lawyer usually gives you the upper hand during the court proceedings. So, when should you call one?

For one, if you are going to face the insurance company, then, rest assured that they’ll come with a group of high-caliber lawyers. Therefore, you’ll also need someone who understands the law perfectly for the proper handling of your case.

As earlier stated, sometimes, the circumstances can be quite complicated for you to handle by yourself. For example, if you’ve sustained aggravated injuries, the case may require an experienced law practitioner. In addition, some accidents may involve more than one party. A good example is when you find yourself in a road accident on your way to work, and you sustain injuries at the workplace on the same day. As such, you may be eligible for compensation from all those involved. A lawyer will help you figure out how to go about such a scenario.

A lot may happen between the time when the accident occurred and the actual court proceedings. As such, you might be wondering which is the right moment to pick that phone and make a call to your favorite law firm. Well, it’s always recommended that you make the call as soon as possible to ensure that the advocate gathers enough relevant evidence to build your case.


The workplace is full of potential hazards that can lead to accidents. As such, precautions are usually put in place. However, you might still sustain at least one of the many types of common injuries at work. Claiming compensation after such an occurrence is not always straightforward, and that’s where an advocate comes in handy. It’s important to not only hire an experienced law practitioner but also to bring them into the mix as early as possible. This way, you’ll stand a higher chance of winning the case.