Can a Neck Injury Cause Lower Back Pain? Auto Accident Doctor

lower back pain after car accident

Over 2 million people in the US are injured each year due to car accidents.

Maybe the person behind you wasn’t watching and didn’t see you stopped at a light. Perhaps someone ran a stop sign when it wasn’t their turn. It could even be that a drunk driver hit your car on the way home from a party.

Whatever the unfortunate case is, an accident that happens in a second could have effects that last a lifetime. It can leave with excruciating chronic back or neck pains.

If you are now dealing with lower back pain after a car accident, make sure to keep reading. Your neck injury could explain it.

What is Whiplash?

One cause for your back pain could be chronic whiplash. Whiplash is the overstretching of tendons in your neck. It can be caused by car accidents, rollercoasters, or contact sports.

If you do experience whiplash, it typically takes a day or so to develop. It won’t happen right away. You may experience headaches, neck pain, muscle spasms, or lower back pain.

In extreme cases, you may also experience memory loss or vision problems. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your doctor.

Do I Need to Run to the Doctor?

If you are experiencing discomfort in your neck or back, you may not need anything past a quick medical examination after your accident. It’s not abnormal to experience slight discomfort or acute pain for a week or so.

The pain may just have to sort itself out while you rest in bed and take pain relievers. Don’t do any heavy lifting or intense physical exercise. Give your body time to rest.

You should go see a doctor, usually, a neurologist,  if you’re experiencing continuous nerve pains in your limbs, loss of feeling, vision loss, or pain that’s lasting longer than 6 weeks. In these cases, your neck injury could have caused serious back pain that needs a professional diagnosis.

Causes for serious neck and back pain can include herniated discs or an injured facet joint. Luckily, there are medications and physical therapy options that can help heal your body and relieve pain.

What Now?

If you are experiencing chronic pain, go ahead and make an appointment with your doctor. Make sure to follow all of their advice and directions to properly heal.

Have patience with the healing process because it could take a few months. Do all exercises they tell you to do, especially if you have chronic whiplash, and don’t forget to rest and relieve pressure from your neck and back.

Experiencing Lower Back Pain After a Car Accident? Check This out!

It’s no fun when you start experiencing lower back pain after a car accident. While you may just think to stay in bed and rest, your neck injury and back pain could be pointing you to a trip to the doctor.

Make sure you read above for more information on whiplash, back pain, and the next steps if you’ve been in a car accident. It could be just the information you’re looking for.

If you’re experiencing any extreme pain visit your local Emergency Room or schedule an appointment with an experienced injury doctor near you.