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5 Accidents That May Cause Recourse To Compensation

Work Injury on a Construction Site in Brooklyn NY

Accidents are always caused by various unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes, they can result from being at the wrong place at the wrong time, or in few situations, by mere bad luck. Another person’s negligent actions can also result in accidents.  Thus, you can be extremely careful but still get yourself in one.  If ever you get […]

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NYC Bicycle Accident Statistics

Bicycle Accidents New York City

If you’re a bicyclist in New York City, you should know the dangers of riding in the city and what to do if you’re in an accident. 2019 was one of the most dangerous years on the road for New York City cyclists. More cyclists died during that year since any time before the year […]

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6 Ways Middle Income People Can Prepare For Their Retirement

Medical Insurance in Retirement

In this age, the social class system remains relevant and intimidating, especially for those on the lower pedestals. People who belong in the lower classes face unequal opportunities and privileges, putting their daily life into a compromising position. Being in the middle class who receives medium wages, necessities are put into priority rather than wants […]

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How to get Free and Low-Cost Prescription Medicine [New for 2020]

Free Prescriptions from The Medicine Program

The ongoing, rising cost of prescription medications can make it extremely difficult for anyone to get the drugs that they need. The issue has become even more prevalent among those with no, or limited prescription coverage and it can lead to a dangerous road of serious health complications or individuals skipping out on their medications […]

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