Bronx Physical Therapy After A Workers’ Comp Injury

Physical Therapist in Bronx NY Who Accepts Workers' Compensation

Work-related injuries in the Bronx, NY are an unfortunate occurrence that can happen in a multitude of job settings. The pain and loss of function that can occur will most likely make your normal activities hard to complete and changes your regular workday. Bronx Physical therapy is a source of treatment that may be available […]

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How to Successfully Document Your Workers’ Comp Injuries

workman's comp claim

Filing a workers’ compensation claim can be a long and exhausting process. After being injured on the job, it can come as a shock to many people they’re responsible for providing proof of their claim. Even if you think your case seems like a commonsense issue, never make assumptions. To protect yourself and your claim, […]

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Acute and Subacute Injuries: What’s the Difference?

acute and subacute injuries

If you’re in pain, you may just think – that’s it. However, there are actually three stages of injuries: acute, subacute, and chronic. Acute and subacute injuries are the first two stages of what can become long-term pain. Were you injured at work and wondering about what happens next? Keep reading to learn more about […]

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“How Do I Know if My Ribs Are Bruised Or Broken?” I Was Hurt At Work

rib injury

You just got done retrieving an item from a high up shelf at work. As soon as you step off the ladder it folds in on itself and falls on top of you. You shake off the accident and go back to work but a few hours later you notice that it hurts to breathe. […]

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