10 Tips on How to Relieve Chronic Back Pain at Work


Are you part of the 80% of adults who have lower back pain at some point? Back pain is one of the biggest causes of missed workdays, workers’ compensation claims, and it’s a very common job-related issue that adults experience. Figuring out how to relieve back pain can be challenging. Back pain can happen due […]

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Construction Accidents: The 10 Most Common Construction Site Injuries

construction accidents

Did you know that, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 77,000 construction site accidents each year? By nature, construction is a dangerous profession. Using heavy machinery and working at heights are two of the ways that workers get injured on a building site. If you work in the construction industry, you’ll […]

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Professionals You Should Call When You Got Into An Accident At Work

Who to call after a work accident

When you’ve been injured at work, you’re entitled to some of the common reliefs provided by law. Remember the law’s fundamental requirement that employers need to provide their employees with a safe and healthy work environment. Especially in work situations whereby there’s natural exposure to hazards, all the more that safe work conditions must always […]

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NJ Workers’ Comp Doctors: How Can They Help You After An Injury At Work

Workers Comp Doctors NJ

Have you had an injury at work? Has your spouse been injured while on the job? Work injuries come in a variety of forms. It’s important you understand what is workers’ compensation if you suspect you or someone you love has experienced a work-related injury. Most importantly, you need to seek medical treatment for an […]

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