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Does Workers’ Comp Cover Psychological Injuries?

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Picture this: You work the graveyard shift at a gas station by yourself. A man comes in and demands that you empty the cash from the register or he will shoot you while holding you at gunpoint.

You do what he says because that is what you are trained to do. When he leaves, you call the police and give a statement.

In the days that follow, you find that you are suffering from anxiety and panic attacks to the point that you can’t even think about going back to work.

You can’t eat. You can’t sleep. You can’t be alone at work. You suffer from PTSD.

Eventually, you lose your job. You file for workers’ compensation and win. You are then compensated for all of your lost wages and the cost of seeing a workers’ comp psychologist.

Keep reading to learn how psychological injury can be covered by workers’ compensation policies in New York.

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What is Workers' Compensation?

New York State requires that employers provide their employees with benefits that cover any medical bills and wages lost by a work-related accident.

Is Your Psychological Injury Compensable Under New York Workers' Compensation Policies?

The short answer is that yes, psychological injuries can be covered under workers’ compensation… (Yeah, you guessed it, there’s a but coming.) But it has to meet certain requirements.

The Workers’ Compensation Board doesn’t accept the average, everyday stress of your job as a legitimate cause of mental illness or psychological trauma. The increased workload or arguments among coworkers are considered within normal stress levels.

So How Do You Know if You Qualify for Workers' Compensation?

It’s difficult to prove that your place of employment caused your psychological injury, but it’s not impossible.

You may be eligible for workers’ compensation if:

  • You got injured in any way at work and it caused an abnormal amount of anxiety and stress, PTSD,
  • You suffered through a traumatic event at your place of employment, or
  • You worked in unsafe working conditions that caused the psychological injury.

You must have thorough documentation of the diagnosis of your psychological injury. A workers’ compensation psychologist can help you with this.

Find a Workers' Comp Psychologist Today!

We can help you find the perfect workers’ compensation psychologist. These doctors are covered under New York’s Workers’ Compensation policies and they can help you diagnose a psychological issue and determine if it was caused by a work injury or traumatic event at work.

If that’s the case, you could be well on your way to workers’ compensation in New York State.

Still Don't Know if You Have a Case?

It’s our mission to connect you with all of the resources that you may need in a workers’ compensation claim. We can link you with vetted doctors who are experienced in assisting workers through their work-related accidents. They can assist you with any of your workers’ compensation needs.

If you are not sure whether or not your psychological injury could be covered by New York’s Workers’ Compensation policies, contact us today and we can get you started on your journey to recovery. Call 1-800-897-8440 and get help today.


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