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Long Island No-Fault Neurologists: How Do They Treat Auto Injuries

Long Island No-Fault Neurologist

In New York, there is one car accident every two minutes.

These car crashes can lead to serious injuries, many of which involve your brain or your spine. Injuries that affect the neurological system can lead to outcomes like paralysis and even death.

Keep reading to learn about Long Island as well as what a neurologist does and how they can help you after a car accident.

About Long Island, NY

Long Island is located in the southeastern part of New York. It is known for being densely populated.

In fact, more than half of New York’s residents live on Long Island. The majority of Long Island’s population lives in Brooklyn and in Queens.

Long Island is known for commercial aviation. The area’s widespread involvement in this industry is why Long Island is home to two out of three of New York’s busiest airports. These two airports are the JFK International Airport and LaGuardia Airport.

You may be wondering why any of this matters. It’s because Long Island is notorious for how densely populated it is.

The number of people in the area is what makes Long Island such an easy place for car crashes to happen.

Car Crashes On Long Island

Nassau County and Suffolk County in Long Island are notorious for the tens of thousands of car crashes that occur in each county every year.

If you’re worried about becoming a victim of one of these car crashes, the Tri-State Transportation Campaign has identified the most dangerous roads on Long Island. Be sure to review the following locations and keep driving carefully here:

  • Connetquot Avenue and Sunrise Highway
  • Hempstead Turnpike and Wantagh Parkway
  • Jericho Turnpike (State Route 25)
  • Lakeview Road and Marcus Avenue
  • Montauk Highway
  • New Hyde Park Road and Northern State Parkway
  • New York Avenue (SR-110)
  • North County Road (SR-25A)
  • Old Country Road
  • Roslyn Road and LIE South Service Road
  • Round Swamp Road
  • Route 24

Even small crashes on these roads can lead to big problems, especially if signs and symptoms are ignored.

Common Auto-Related Injuries

Crashing your car is stressful enough. You have to handle financial issues, repair issues, and – most importantly – medical issues.

There are a few common injuries that happen because of car accidents. You should be aware of these as they are all impactful and potentially life-altering.

Since some auto injuries can be hidden for days or weeks, it’s important to see an experienced injury doctor on Long Island.

Arm and Leg Injuries

When your car makes an impact on the outside, your arms and legs are bound to make an impact on the inside. This can lead to problems like bruises and fractures which most people are familiar with.

However, a hard impact or an impact that happens at an odd angle can lead to a complex fracture that could require surgery and physical therapy.

Whether you’re sitting in the front or the back of the car, there are many ways to injure your arms and legs. This could mean that your arm hits the window or your leg hits the seat in front of you.

Injuries involving your arms and legs can be serious and may require years of medical follow-up and treatment.

Chest Injuries After a Car Wreck

Many chest injuries arise from damage that the seatbelt does when it pulls on you during a car accident. The most common injury from this pulling is a chest contusion.

More serious injuries like rib fractures and collapsed lungs can occur if the crash is high-speed like many crashes that occur on highways.

Head and Neck Injuries After An Accident

Head and neck injuries can be one of the most worrying of car accident injuries. The problem with these injuries is that the majority of them cannot be seen by the naked eye.

There are a few things that a physician evaluating you after a car accident may be looking for. This could include a brain bleed or a skull fracture, neither of which may be obvious directly following the crash.

You could also have a neck fracture or a herniation if you’re having neck pain.

Skin Damage After A Car Accident

After your car accident, you may find that you have bruises, cuts, and scrapes in several places around your body. These are normally completely harmless, other than the discomfort that comes along with them.

However, some bruising may be a sign that something more serious is happening under your skin.

How A Neurologist Can Help You

The majority of the injuries that people sustain after car accidents can be followed-up by a neurologist.

Neurologists do more than look at brains. They study your spine as well as all of the nerves in your body too.

This means that neurologists study everywhere in your body where there are nerves. This is the majority of your body, and this is why they are so useful after car wrecks.

It’s important to find a neurologist who accepts no-fault insurance. New York is a no-fault state, and your auto insurance covers medical bills, including neurology, asl long as they are related to your auto accident. Click here to learn more about no-fault insurance and what it covers.

When to See a Neurologist After a Car Accident

There are many concerning symptoms that you may notice after being involved in a car accident.

Many people report having a tingling sensation or a numb feeling in their arms or legs. This is a worrying symptom, but this is nothing new to any neurologist. Having a neurologist evaluate these symptoms can help with your uneasy feeling.

Others report having headaches. Whether or not you hit your head during the accident, you can have a head injury.

If you’re experiencing a constant headache or persistent returning headaches, you should see a neurologist.

Patients also often complain of back pain after car accidents. This is also extremely concerning as it could signal towards a spinal injury like a fracture or a herniated disc.

This is yet another symptom that should signal you to go to the neurologist.

Neurologists are one of the best specialists to see following a car accident. If you have symptoms of numbness, weakness, tingling, or feelings of back pain or headaches, you should start looking for a Long Island neurologist.

Finding The Best Neurologist On Long Island, NY

If you’ve been involved in a car accident and you’re looking for an experienced  Long Island neurologist, call us today at (800) 897-8440 or book an appointment online.


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