5 Signs of Pinched Nerve Injury From a Car Accident

signs of pinched nerve

A pinched nerve sounds like no big deal. After all, a pinch is a small thing compared to a tear, a break or a rupture. Yet, a pinched nerve can be very serious and extremely painful. Basically, a pinched nerve happens when there is too much pressure to a nerve from the surrounding bones, muscles, tissues […]

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How Do I Find The Right No-Fault Doctors Near Me? Your Complete Post-Car-Crash Guide For New York

No-Fault Doctor Near Me in New York

Life can become incredibly stressful after a car accident. You have to deal with insurance, auto repairs, and even emotional trauma. All of this can feel much worse, however, if you suffered an injury during the accident.  Unfortunately, car accidents often leave people with delayed injuries from whiplash such as neck pain, back pain, headaches, […]

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When to See a Neurologist After an Accident? The Dangers of Hidden Injuries

when to see a neurologist

There are over 6 million car accidents in the United States every year. While most of these don’t result in significant bodily harm, many of them do. But, your injuries might not always be readily apparent. It’s also not impossible to have neurological damage and have symptoms that you wouldn’t expect. “When to See a […]

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