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Orthopedic Doctor Brooklyn Who Treats Car Accident Injuries

Getting in a car accident in Brooklyn, NY can come with a tremendous amount of physical and psychological pains to deal with after the fact. It’s not only overwhelming, but also you may be unsure of what to about it next. Even more so, you may not realize you have damage to your body right after the auto accident because you feel fine.

Seeking medical attention should be a priority following an auto accident for this reason. However, knowing who should provide your care is also essential. A Brooklyn orthopedic doctor (an orthopedist, or an orthopedic surgeon) is one medical specialist that can be helpful for the treatment of post-auto accident injuries. Orthopedic care primarily focuses on your musculoskeletal system, which includes your bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, and additional supporting tissues. The musculoskeletal system is often affected most by car accidents, and it is vital to get treatment from someone who can understand your injury.

Orthopedic Doctor Can Give you the Right Diagnosis

An orthopedist provides specialized assessment and treatment and offers enhanced tools to assist in diagnosing anything that may have happened after a car accident. Diagnosing the right problem can be difficult when you have minimal to no orthopedic symptoms present. Therefore, these specially trained professionals can be crucial in helping get appropriately diagnosed and treated.

It is important to know if a car accident resulted in injury for a few reasons. Knowing and understanding the exact nature of your injury from the beginning can help you get better faster and be less likely to have any additional or more severe conditions arise. Also, you will have limited time to claim your injuries for the possibility of being covered by no-fault insurance, thus obtaining an efficient and accurate diagnosis can make a difference.

Orthopedic Care Can Treat Damage to Soft Tissue

The musculoskeletal system is made of soft tissues, including muscles, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. Injury to the soft tissue after a car accident is common. Soft tissue damage can be particularly challenging to diagnose and requires an understanding of these structures to detect the damage appropriately. This type of injury often deals with the neck and back and can inhibit daily living activities. Your quality of life can be severely hindered, and the soft tissue damage can cause you to be out of work.

More severe musculoskeletal injuries, like bone breaks (fractures), may need immediate surgical intervention by an experienced orthopedist. By starting your orthopedic care early, you will be able to progress more efficiently and get back to your normal activities faster.

Orthopedic Care Can Address Delayed Pain

Delayed pain can commonly occur after an auto accident. The delay can range from several hours to several weeks. One symptom you may notice initially is muscle soreness, which can be from the impact of the accident or an underlying injury. Most other symptoms can be dormant in the initial hours and days after a car wreck because of how your body reacted to the event. Shock and adrenaline can mask indicators of injury because your body experiences the “fight-or-flight” reaction when you’re in a collision.

As your body returns to normal, pain and other symptoms can make their way to the surface. Orthopedic doctors can use diagnostic tools, including X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans to assist in identifying this delayed pain.

Orthopedic Surgeon Can Provide A Long-Term Treatment Plan

When you seek orthopedic treatment, your care will be continued for your injury, whether that be one appointment or weekly to monthly follow-up visits. Even if you’re prescribed medication, this is usually fa temporary solution for pain as you continue the healing process and not a cure for your injury. Healing soft tissue damage and recovery from trauma takes time and is often why several visits are appropriate. The ability to be able to continue and follow-up with your care as you progress through your recovery will provide a more permanent solution.

Treatment Options with Orthopedic Care

An orthopedic doctor can provide an array of options for treatment that are dependent on your injury and what will work best for you. These options can include referring you for physical therapy, chiropractic visits, pain management procedures, or surgical intervention, if appropriate.  In addition to following up with your orthopedist, you will be able to focus on therapeutic methods to assist with the proper healing and function of your body.

There are many factors for you to consider after a car wreck, including if you have sustained any bodily injuries and how to properly address them. It is important to consider that many injuries from auto accidents are not initially recognized and may be difficult to diagnose. An experienced Brooklyn orthopedic doctor can provide you with specialized treatment options to ensure a proper diagnosis, identify soft tissue damage or bone fractures, treat delayed pain, and provide long-term medical care plan.



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