Workers’ Comp Orthopedic Doctor in The Bronx

Bronx Workers Comp Orthopedist

Workers’ compensation injuries and auto accidents are quite common in the borough of Bronx, NY. While some of the injuries are minor, in many cases, the victims sustain severe injuries and require to be seen by a workers’ comp orthopedic doctor in the Bronx. In either case, getting the best medical help at the right time is crucial. Also, it is better to reach out to a Bronx multi-specialty team of doctors that can provide care for your different injuries, thereby helping with a speedy recovery.

Sometimes, even minor accidents may result in severe injuries or complications if treatment is delayed. So, seeking immediate help is vital, especially if you are suffered injuries from an auto accident or workers’ compensation incident.  Some of the injuries following these accidents will require orthopedic care.

Depending upon the severity of the injuries, an orthopedist may be called directly into the ER only for immediate surgery. However, in minor injuries, a patient is referred to an orthopedic doctor after the physical therapy fails to help the patient recover.

What Does an Orthopedic Doctor Do?

Orthopedic is a branch of medicine that deals with injury and diseases of the musculoskeletal system of the human body. The musculoskeletal system is comprised of ligaments, muscles, tendons, and bones

So, orthopedics involves injuries sustained to musculoskeletal elements. These injuries main include fractures, broken bones, bone density problems, etc. 

Moreover, injuries received on the ligaments, muscles, and tendons, also fall in this category — for instance, tendonitis, tears, severe bruises, and ruptures.

Bronx Workers’ Comp Orthopedist

Since orthopedic care involves taking care of the musculoskeletal system with the help of surgical and non-surgical methods. Following a car accident, or a work-related injury consulting a local workers’ comp orthopedist in the Bronx is common due to the severity of the injuries sustained. Orthopedics is a broad field and encompasses many sub-specialties.

While an orthopedic doctor focuses on the musculoskeletal system as a whole, some orthopaedists primarily specialize in performing orthopedic surgeries, osteoporosis physicians, geriatrics, and pediatrics.

Orthopedic surgeons are medical doctors (MD or DO) who specialize in performing surgical procedures. They have expertise in repairing or fixing the musculoskeletal structure, which might have been damaged due to injuries resulting from automobile or workplace accidents.

After you have received primary medical care, your Bronx Workers Comp Doctor may recommend that you visit an orthopedic group. For instance, once your Bronx workers’ comp chiropractor has examined you and read your test results, he or she may conclude that an orthopedic consultation is a right solution.

Thus, you might get referred to an orthopedic surgeon for further evaluation. If the orthopedist concludes that surgery is the best solution, the orthopedist will send a written recommendation to your primary care physician for developing your treatment plan.

Orthopedic Injuries Sustain as a Result of an Auto Accident

After a car crash or collision, the most common orthopedic injury are fractured bones in the body. Usually, the force exerted on the body in an auto accident results in injuries. The minor fractures do not require surgical intervention, and the orthopedist may use non-surgical techniques for treatment.

Some of the non-surgical techniques for a fractured bone include slings, splinting, orthopedic boots, or other stabilizers to keep the bone in place. However, if the bone is crushed or displaced in a car accident or construction accident at the workplace, it may require surgery for fixation.

You may visit an orthopedist after a car accident if you sustain any of the following injuries.

How to find the right Orthopedist in the Bronx who accepts Workers' Compensation

While consulting with an orthopedist is crucial for your overall physical recovery, finding the right doctor in the Bronx may be challenging. For your auto-accidents or workplace injuries, you need an orthopedic doctor who can work with your injuries and accepts third part billings, including No-Fault and Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

New York residents have no-fault insurance protection for medical bills in case of automobile accidents. Hence, it does not matter who was responsible for the car accident, with no-fault insurance you are covered. New York no-fault law covers medical bills associated with orthopedic care, as part of the overall medical expenses incurred following an auto accident.

Similarly, Workers’ Compensation Insurance protects all employees working in New York State in case of workplace injury.  All you have to do is make that your workers’ comp orthopedic doctor is an authorized  NYS WCB (Workers’ Compensation Board) medical provider.   


Victims of auto accidents or workers’ compensation injuries in the Bronx will usually visit their primary care physicians or chiropractors first.

If necessary, these doctors may also refer you to an orthopedist in the Bronx. Similarly, if you consult an orthopedist in the first place, they may recommend chiropractic care, Bronx physical therapy, or Bronx pain management clinic for your recovery. Make sure that your workers comp doctors have the required expertise, and are WCB authorized providers.