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Does Workers’ Compensation Cover Anxiety For Work-Related Injuries

what does workers' compensation cover

Does it workers’ compensation cover anxiety after work-related injuries? When you become unable to work at your job due to extreme anxiety, will the company’s workers’ compensation insurance cover you? While some people don’t take psychological disorders as seriously as physical injuries, extreme anxiety can be debilitating. It can keep you from being able to […]

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Help, a Box Fell on Me! Top 5 Ways to Deal With a Blunt Force Injury At Work

Head Injury at Work

Statistics report that thousands of non-fatal workplace injuries happen each year in New York. One of these types of injuries is what you might have just experienced. A box falling on your head! Or onto some other part of your body. While a box falling onto someone might sound like a mild accident, depending on […]

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How to Find the Right Workers’ Comp Doctor in The Bronx, NY

workers comp doctor

According to statistics, worksite injuries are up by a whopping 221% in the last five years in NYC. Most of us don’t foresee ourselves having an accident at work. When something unexpected does occur, the most important thing is to get treatment quickly. Which means finding a good workers’ comp doctor near you. If you […]

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Bronx Physical Therapy After A Workers’ Comp Injury

Physical Therapist in Bronx NY Who Accepts Workers' Compensation

Work-related injuries in the Bronx, NY are an unfortunate occurrence that can happen in a multitude of job settings. The pain and loss of function that can occur will most likely make your normal activities hard to complete and changes your regular workday. Bronx Physical therapy is a source of treatment that may be available […]

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