NYC Bicycle Accident Statistics

Bicycle Accidents New York City

If you’re a bicyclist in New York City, you should know the dangers of riding in the city and what to do if you’re in an accident. 2019 was one of the most dangerous years on the road for New York City cyclists. More cyclists died during that year since any time before the year […]

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Fall Prevention Tips: 5 Slip & Fall Injury Facts Everyone Should Know

fall injury

Fall injuries are unfortunately common in the home and the workplace. There are risks in both settings that lead to people of all ages getting injured. Adults and especially seniors can get seriously injured from the impact of falling. However, did you know there are ways you can prevent falls? There are steps you can […]

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What Is an Open MRI? Everything You Need to Know Now

open mri

Data from 2005 through 2016 report an average of 5,338,000 car accidents each year in America. There are 139 million emergency room visits every year in the USA. Every seven seconds, a worker is injured on the job. An estimated 8,000 New Yorkers die a year due to an injury. As you can tell, injuries and […]

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Can a Neck Injury Cause Headaches?

headache caused by neck

Whiplash, an injury to the cervical spine, can occur with only the smallest force. Many people involved in car accidents at only five to ten miles per hour have reported whiplash symptoms to their doctors. Many people don’t realize they even have whiplash. This confusion is because the pain of an injured cervical spine often […]

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