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Bronx Physical Therapy After A Workers’ Comp Injury

Physical Therapist in Bronx NY Who Accepts Workers' Compensation

Work-related injuries in the Bronx, NY are an unfortunate occurrence that can happen in a multitude of job settings. The pain and loss of function that can occur will most likely make your normal activities hard to complete and changes your regular workday.

Bronx Physical therapy is a source of treatment that may be available to recover from top work-related injuries. Treatment provided by physical therapists allows for a reduction in pain, an increase in strength, and improved ability to execute your day to day activities.

Physical therapy often works in conjunction with other specialists to assist in the overall care of the injury and resulting outcomes.

Lots of Bronx residents that are injured at work are asking “How Do I find the Best Bronx Physical Therapist Near Me Who Accept Worker’s Compensation Insurance?” We have the answers for you in the blog post below. 

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Insurance Accepted: Workers’ Compensation, No-Fault, Medical Liens.

2825 3rd Avenue, 4th floor, Bronx, NY, 10455

Common Injuries From Accidents At Work

Auto accidents frequently produce common types of injuries that occur due to the kind of car collision.

Common injuries related to work accidents include slip and fall accidents, broken bones, neck and back injuries due to body mechanics. 

Slip and fall accidents can happen in the workplace and cause damage to the body.

This can cause ankle sprains, knee damage, and broken bones. Slip and fall accidents can occur due to wet floors or items on the floor.

Broken bones may also result from falling from higher locations, such as ladders, or any other injury that occurs from trauma to the body.

Another regular event in the workplace is injury due to poor body mechanics.

Body mechanics include the way the body is positioned when doing a repetitive activity or lifting and carrying. Improper lifting and carrying mechanics can cause injury to the neck and low back, even with light items.

Repetitive motion, particularly with poor mechanics, can result in injury at the spine or the shoulders.

Sitting at a desk with poor posture and performing a repetitive motion, such as turning to look over the right shoulder every five minutes, can cause injury.

Physical therapists are trained in proper body mechanics and can provide education on the best way to set up a workspace, lift a box, and carry items correctly once the injury has resolved.

Physical therapy sessions can include pain-reducing treatments.

Also, physical therapy will treat patients that require “conservative” treatment instead of surgery during bone healing or post-surgical treatment to improve motion and strength.

Treatments offered by The Bronx Physical Therapy

A range of treatments can be provided by a Bronx physical therapist to aid in a work-related injury. These treatments are provided to reduce and control pain, improve strength and stability, increase motion, and the whole function of the body.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy can be performed as soft tissue massage, trigger point release, joint mobility, and other methods that are generally hands-on.

Physical therapists offer manual therapy to alleviate and manage pain, decrease tension in the muscle, and return motion at the joint to get back to moving normally.

Soft tissue massage is used to increase motion at the tissue (like muscles) and relieve pain in that area. Likewise, trigger point release is utilized in relief of tension in tight areas in the muscle.

Creating more mobility at the joint helps reduce pain as well, while making more motion, like increased ability to use the shoulder to reach overhead into a kitchen cabinet or bend at the ankle to climb downstairs.

Physical Therapy Modalities in The Bronx, NY

Therapeutic modalities are used in physical therapy to lessen discomfort and regulate inflammation. Common modalities are electrical stimulation, ultrasound, moist heat packs, and ice packs.

Electrical stimulation is also called E-Stim. It uses electrodes to generate stimulation that interrupts pain signals to the brain. The electrodes are placed on the skin and are monitored by the therapist. E-Stim is generally used to reduce discomfort in a body region, like the low back, and can reduce pain enough to allow for some normal activity to occur.

Ultrasound, another modality, is used as a treatment to control inflammation, such as with sprains or strains at the ankle. Ultrasound produces sound waves that travel through the tissue to control swelling in the region and will likely also modulate the pain. Ice and heat can be used to help with soreness, pain, and discomfort.

Moist heat helps control pain and is used in injuries that have been ongoing over three months.

Ice packs, however, are utilized with injuries that have are recent to help reduce inflammation. Ice or heat may be used in combination with other modalities

Retraining And Reactivating Muscles

Physical therapists give individualized prescriptions of exercises and activities to promote the improved function of the body.

Physical therapy exercises are used in conjunction with modalities to get the best results.

Performing with poor body mechanics for many years can result in problems with posture and decrease in muscle activation in the spine or other regions.

The muscles supported the low back may not be providing the support that is required; therefore injury may occur or re-occur.

Physical therapists are trained to recognize these dysfunctions and give education on exercises to increase muscle activation. They can help decide if retraining muscles is required due to the injury. This happens when your brain does not communicate with your muscles in the right way and will need to be improved to return to normal activity.

Activating the correct muscles, strengthening, and retraining muscles for improved posture can help support the injured area and reduce pain.

Working With Other Bronx Workers' Comp Doctors

Work-related injuries will most likely result in care from several types of healthcare professionals and may happen one after the other, or in combination. This is all dependent on what type of injury was sustained from the accident.

An orthopedic doctor in the Bronx may see damage related to bone, muscles, ligaments, or tendons. An orthopedic doctor will determine a diagnosis and give options of treatment including physical therapy only, or physical therapy after a surgical procedure.

Neurologists who take workers’ compensation insurance in the Bronx may play a role in the recovery after injury if any nerve damage resulting from the work injury, such as sciatic nerve damage resulting in decreased sensation or movement at the legs.

Many injuries can result in pain that is hard to control. Individuals with increased pain have options to seek treatment from a Bronx pain management doctor that facilitates pain control in conjunction with other helpful treatments.

Chiropractors in the Bronx are healthcare professionals that use manual adjustments and manipulations to reduce pain. Workers’ Comp Chiropractors often work with other specialists to care for an injury.

Healthcare professionals often work in conjunction with one another and can help the individual decide what is best for their care.

The primary care physician, orthopedic doctor, or medical doctor at the time of injury can assist in determining what type of specialist is appropriate for the recovery process.

How To Find Top Bronx Physical Therapist Near You

Experiencing a work-related injury can be a challenging situation, dealing with pain along with difficulty doing normal activities.

You may not be able to do the job you were doing before the injury which can be frustrating and discouraging.

Bronx physical therapy treatment could be helpful for recovery. Treatments can include modalities and hands-on treatments to control pain, improving strength and muscle activation to enhance the function of the body so you can return to your normal routine and get back to your job duties.

Physical therapists can work in conjunction with other injury doctors in the Bronx to meet the needs of the injury recovery process.

Call 1-800-897-8440 or fill out the form below to find an experienced physical therapist in The Bronx who accepts workers’ compensation insurance and begin your journey on the road to recovery today!

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